Emmy Awards Well Played: Leslie Mann


It goes without saying that I am thrilled she didn’t wear this as it was shown on the runway, all nipples akimbo.

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  1. lindsay

    soooo pretty. i saw that some folks didn’t love the turquoise, but i think it’s smashing.

    also, i think we can all agree that this pseudo-sheer approach is far superior than the true sheer monstrosity of the runway look.

    also also, akimbo is a fantastic word, and i can’t imagine a better use than “nipples akimbo”.

    • pantsonfire

      I love this, too. So much. I would totally wear it.

      And I heartily agree about akimbo standing alone and also “nipples akimbo.” That’s one of those phrases you savor. I’m going to try very hard to work “akimbo” into my daily life more often.

      • Francesca

        Dibs on using “Nipples Akimbo” as my street-cred name!

        Despite the yellow & white colors, this doesn’t even come close the fried egg look. It’s fun and fresh.

  2. Donna

    i rarely think a celebrity’s red carpet rendition is better than the original runway, but this one definitely is.

  3. Laura

    THIS is how a blonde can wear yellow! Love. And I like the turquoise too.

  4. Laura

    Or tangerine. I can’t tell exactly on my screen. But citrus. Hard for blondes. Gotta keep it away from the face.

  5. Goober

    Marigold for the win. This is my fav look of the night hands down. Or maybe I’m just REAL over the mermaid-fish-tail-strapless-blah-blah-blah bullish

    • Lion

      My fav look too! Yes, hang the mermaid-fish-tail-strapless… Or drown it!

  6. Diana

    Really? I like the turquoise but definitely not the color or fit of the skirt. And the white webby top just seems odd with that skirt. She looks kind of washed out to me. Colors and textures just are not right here.

  7. Vandalfan

    I don’t care for the Is She Naked? crocheted or lace see through look, neither faux or full on Nipples Akimbo. If only the front of this was lined, so it actually looks lined, in white, I’d be wearing this at the next lanai party. But with hair all the same color.

  8. Lindy

    Love this!

  9. poppyseed

    I love this!

  10. mepe

    I don’t love this from the front and I can’t quite put my finger on why…I think it’s the flower in the middle. Maybe it feels too summary…I’m not sure. But it does look really cute from the side/back and I love the pop of turquoise with it.

  11. Jo

    I like the top and the turquoise but I hate yellow or citrus clothing. Might be because it makes me look sallow. But Leslie is adorbs anyway!

  12. Orange Clouds

    I would so wear that!

  13. Amy V

    Love everything about it except for a different breast-related problem – nipples were properly wrangled but, um, the dress makes them appear as though they’re just missing her KNEES (cue Joan Rivers joke about tripping over them).

  14. buttercup

    How did Leslie Mann come out of nowhere this year and become one of my few style icons? I mean, it’s a tight list. As in, maybe only Cate Blanchett. And Avril Lavigne.

    Ha! Just kidding about Avril.

    • kate

      LOL! I was about to say!

      Leslie looks adorable. I loved the dress – and it looked SO comfy! Thumbs up.

  15. amy

    Best dressed

  16. Lily1214

    Finally, a gown I like. She looks wonderful in this.

  17. Kristin

    Total win!

  18. Rachel

    Leslie Mann for Best Dressed!!!

  19. Popcouver

    She’s hilarious and talented and kills it on the red carpet. Girl crush status: high.

  20. jenny

    Definitely best dressed. Whimsical and still classy, and perfect for her shape. But, Fug Girls, there was SO MUCH pocket tomfoolery with her. I can hardly find a single shot where she’s not monkeying around with those pockets. I mean, I would do the same thing in her shoes, because I love me a pocket, but I would expect to be in trouble with you guys…

  21. Guerra

    I love this!!

  22. Mrs. Ditter

    I thought you guys (fuggirls) hated pockets on gowns? This is pretty cute–especially in the last slide. What a great smile.

    • Jessica

      I love pockets. I wear dresses with pockets all the time. The issue is when the person in question lets the pockets rule them and stands around with her hands jammed in them all awkwardly and randomly. They can lead to stumpiness.

      I am wearing a dress with pockets RIGHT NOW!

  23. Nancy


  24. Emma

    I’m so glad people like this. She looks like sunshine!

  25. Lilibet

    Gorgeous and she’s enjoying it, too.

  26. Kara K

    GORGEOUS. And the pockets are perf.

  27. Prolixity Julien

    Love this, love the designer, love it all.

  28. Aria

    I love this! Yellow can be hard color to carry off, but by keeping it away from her face, she totally does it. Also love the turquoise accessories. And note to Lena Dunham, this is how you wear a dress with a long, full skirt.

  29. aeb

    i second aria – you’re right, this is how one wears a full skirt wear.

    i am not sure why people don’t love that turquoise because i have a hard time thinking what else would work quite so well.

    i love it all. even her hair, which is questionably back combed by the same person who did julie bowen’s hair, but leslie mann had the sense to call it a wash and throw it up (which, this dress would look disastrous with hair down, so good move, leslie).

  30. Helen

    I can’t get on board with this one. To me it just looks like a doily atop a hurricane-rated tent.

  31. Bubba

    Stunning! Unique and interesting.

  32. Erin

    This was one of my absolute faves on the red carpet – maybe my favorite. and it looked comfortable, which is refreshing after so many people stuffed into their dresses/spanx/etc

  33. Alicia

    Perfection! Ditto re: the “love this,” “pockets!” and “turquoise!”

  34. jean

    I have a totally serious question–what sort of bra does a woman wear with this? Because Leslie Mann is not going braless. She’s not nuts and she’s old enough to know her breasts need support, but I can’t see any lines through that lovely beading–so how does she do that? These are the fashion mysteries that mystify me well into middle age.

  35. mattkass

    Loved this look! It makes me think of the early 60s in Palm Spring at an awesome cocktail party drinking a manhattan and listening to Sinatra sing…

  36. mj

    i’m more out of the loop than i thought, cuz this to me is just “meh”. like, something she’d wear to a nice garden party, not an awards show. and it’s so swimmy on her, and she’s got such an amazing figure.
    guess i’m just a little sluttier than the room lol

    • Julie

      No, I’m meh on it too. Don’t like the turquoise or the pockets and the skirt is a bit swimmy.

      • Chasmosaur

        I would have liked this if she was wearing a bra (I don’t think that’s the case) and the skirt was less voluminous. I feel like she’s wearing a bag, and she’s too pretty for that.

        I am not on board with the top-knot either.

        I will, however, concede I love the concept and the turquoise accessories. Great, vibrant color combo. I do wonder if this worked better in person.

  37. Christine

    I love this. When I first saw her posing on screen, I thought, “Wow, this is the best Gwyneth has looked in a long time!”