Emmy Awards Well Played Carpet: Sarah Hyland and Sofia Vergara

People may have Modern Family fatigue — I hope not, because it’s a genuinely funny show — but those guys kinda nailed the clothes on Emmy night. Which is a good time to do it. Don’t waste it on your dry cleaner, right? Not that there’s anything wrong with dry cleaners. My dude is really nice. But I think even he would question me popping in there looking like a million bucks. Not least because he has never seen it from me before and probably suspects I am only capable of about $150 and change.

But this isn’t about me (ME!). It’s about Sarah and Sofia, who just skirted the red part of the color wheel and gave us a break from nonstop crimson. Let’s take a look, plus some bonus pics from the post- and pre-parties. Gotta love socially approved gawking, no?

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  1. Ms. Chanandler Bong

    I love Sarah’s whole look, even if it does remind me a little of the coral dress Baby wears in Dirty Dancing.

  2. yeahandalso

    Is it weird that I like the fact that Sarah dresses the age she looks/plays? She is 21, but she looks 16…I guess I just prefer that to the girls who play younger and then feel the need to tramp everything up off set to people realize “I’m a grown woman now” or whatever, like when Miley turned 18 and everything was crotch-tacular

  3. Carolina Girl

    Sofia Vergara may have had the overall best look of the night. It wasn’t especially daring or avant garde, but it was a beautiful color (thank God, not red!) and it fit her like a glove. And Sarah Hyland is just as cute as she can be. I thought the white dress was cute and age-appropriate but I wasn’t as crazy about the black and the bridesmaid shoes. From the side it made her look kind of barrel chested.

  4. Libby

    I love Sarah’s coral dress – and that color looks so great on her (naturally?) tan skin.
    Sofia Vergara is gorgeous and she knows what works on her body – she nailed it with both dresses.

  5. Sajorina

    I love Sofia’s Emmy dress, she looks like the COLOMBIAN GODESS she is!!! And, I like Sarah’s post-Emmy party dress better than the one she wore on the Red Carpet because it aged her! Loved accessories, hair & makeup on both of them… FAB!

  6. Anne B

    Ms. Vergara always defines what it means to look, and act, like a lady. <3

    And Sarah: I love this girl. Her outfits always fit well, she doesn't "go into pose” on the red carpet much; but more important, her character on Modern Family reminds me so much of my own teenage kid.

    Week after week, I just want to reach through the screen and smack the living s**t … I mean, wow! She’s that good. :)

  7. Lynne

    Sarah Hyland is so damn cute. Loved her Emmy dress and also the white feathery one. Not a fan of the black particularly though there’s nothing really wrong with it. Ditto Sophia’s blue dress. Don’t dislike it but it’s not bowling me over or anything.

    Aside: even if I were starring in a show with her, I don’t know if I’d ever consent to be photographed next to Sophia Vergara. It would just be too depressing.

  8. Susannah

    PLEASE GOD, will somebody have Christina Hendricks’ people call Sofia Vergara’s people for boob fitting tips? Sofia knocks it outta the park every time, so we know there’s at least one stylist out there who knows how to dress a really curvy girl!

  9. Lynne

    Oh and is it possible for Christina Hendricks to maybe audit a workshop led by Sophia on how to wear clothes that fit? That’d be great.

  10. Faye

    Sofia Vergera was, IMO, the best look of the night. Color/fit of the dress, hair, makeup — all smashing. Brava!

  11. Squirrel!

    Love love love like love the dresses. (The like is for the black one on Sarah Hyland.)

    Hate all instances of hoof shoes.

  12. l0nepinemall

    Sofia looked amazing. What an incredible body and that dress truly shows it off.

  13. Alicia

    Susannah – hilarious! I always hate what Christina Hendricks is wearing and drool over Sofia. She does it right!

    Sarah Hyland was my 2nd favorite dress of the night and I do appreciate that she keeps it young and fun and doesn’t try to age herself.

  14. islandgirl1

    Love Sofia! What a siren! She looked impeccable. Sarah was totally cute in all her dress, although the black was a bit meh. Are those purple shoes the same as her silver ones, but in a different color? Don’t tell me she has them in every color–cause they are just ugly shoes, no matter the color.

  15. Chasmosaur

    My sister’s bridesmaid dress – which yes, I had to have shoes dyed to match – were the color of Hyland’s shoes. So thanks for the flashback/reminder…

  16. Amber

    I think Sofia nails it each and every time. She knows (or her stylist knows) how to dress her amazing curves without shouting “HEY, LOOK AT MY BOOBS. HEY, LOOK AT MY HIPS!!” She just always looks stunning and sexy, without crossing the line into sleezy or mutton dressed as lamb.
    I agree that Christina Hendricks could take a lesson or 10 from Sofia. As could about 3/4 of Hollywood.

  17. crystal

    Both of the runway dresses are lovely, but it’s odd that they’re the same color and have almost the same neckline. I wish they hadn’t worn them on the same night. It invites comparisons that aren’t helpful for either woman, but I especially wouldn’t want to have to stand next to Sofia looking like I’m wearing a baggier version of her hot dress.

  18. Susan

    Add my vote to the “Sofia knocks it out of the park everytime” contingent.

  19. Noire

    Sofia Vergara is a goddess, and I LOVE her character on Modern Family. Sarah is absolutely cute as a button here as well. Love love love them both!!!

  20. ceecee

    I like the white feather dress. With her skin and hair the white looks fresh and at her age the feathered skirt looks cute and fun instead of wacked-out and deperate.

  21. Cecily

    Sofia Vergara is just stunningly gorgeous, has pitch perfect taste in dresses, and seems like someone you’d have a blast with. Every time she came on stage, I exclaimed how beautiful (and fun) she looked. And I ADORE the color of Sarah’s dress! I also like all the dresses for the pre- and post-parties, even the swan skirt. Well done, ladies. On the flip side, the actress who plays Alex on the show was rather scandalously dressed for a 14-year-old, IMO (or am I just old).

  22. Lina

    Sarah is getting to be soooo pretty! I really like the pink dress on her, and I’m trying to excuse the unfortunately heavy shoe as teenage foibles. White isn’t really her color, but the feathers are kind of fun. The black is risque for her age if you ask me, and really makes me hope she spent the whole event surrounded by overprotective, “touch her and die”, costars and handlers. But what I really love is that she’s developing her own fashion sense, playing with different styles, and figuring out what suits her. That is SO appropriate to being 14, and gosh it must be hard to do that with the whole world watching.

    Re Sofia, I agree, totally. I love how comfortable she seems to be in who she is and what she looks like. I will be very sad if she suddenly feels a need to call the paps and arrange a convenient upskirt or nipslip to remind the world she exists.

  23. Annie

    I’m late to the gMe and surprised that mo one has mentioned that Sarah’s pre-Emmy dress is the same dress that Katie Hilmes wore a few weeks back (or is it months) with those awful nude shoes that cut her off at the ankle. I thought Katie looked okay but the fit was off. Sarah looks like the dress fits her very nicely. She’s wearing it, it’s not wearing her.

  24. Breda

    I think all 5 of these dresses are completely lovely. Unfortunately, I have a pretty severe case of Modern Family fatigue – which, as you say, is a shame. I was on the verge of putting it on my list, and a win or two might have cemented that, but the fact that I’m pretty sure the Emmy voters didn’t watch any other comedy – seriously, they won every category they were nominated in, even the one where they probably should have competed each other out of the running, and one of the only two where they weren’t nominated was awarded to a good actress for her recent movie rather than the show she’s in – ruined it for me. I’m sad about that, but the bitterness for every other great comedy airing right now is trumping it.

  25. Hel

    I love all the dresses except the black one.

  26. Nancy

    Sofia Vergara: Va va va voom! Can you say Wonder Woman?

  27. vandalfan

    The youngster is nice and age appropriate. I think the bridesmaids shoes would be fine if they were a matte finish instead of shiny satin. The big gal looks great, but her poses make my neck and shoulders ache. I must note that I have never heard of a program called “Modern Family” until last night. Sounds like that angst-filled soap opera with Meridith Baxter Birney and Kristy McNichol. And, Lordy, now I realize that was on TV before most of the commenters here were born. Sigh. Old rockin’ chair’s got me, cane by my side….

  28. Halo

    I’m glad you pointed out that Sophia always wears clothing that fits impeccably. That’s something people of all shapes can learn from. She’s phenomenal, and always looks great. I don’t watch Modern Family, but it looks like the whole cast knows how to look great.

  29. Kris M

    I echo the other comments, they look lovely. What delighted me the most: Appropriate slit length. Thank you, Sarah, for not pulling a Lisa Rinna.

  30. Sanne

    Sofia Vergara looks stunning! STUNNING! I am a little jealous now.

    Sarah looks great as well. I thought she would be about 14 years old, but she’s 20 now, she looks so much younger than that. Well, I prefer it over looking older (and usually trashy).

  31. kat

    Does anyone know who designed Sofia Vergara’s blue dress

  32. ChaChaHeels

    The dresses are fine, and yes, Sofia’s real strength is not compromising on fit. But that one photo of Sarah in the red dress just makes me feel that platforms are brutally ugly worn with gowns.

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