I wasn’t crazy when I saw this on the red carpet on Sunday night — mostly because Cara Buono had to keep picking up the sash, and then replacing it on the carpet, which seems like it would be a pain in the butt. But now that I see it in photos:

I think it’s kind of swell. I’d be a little worried, were I wearing it, that someone would trod on my train and inadvertently strangle me, but I’m very, very neurotic.

Weirdly, I also really liked what she wore earlier that week, even if it’s kind of weird:

I mean, yes, this is kind of nutty — she looks like she’s wearing the kind of feather duster you use to clean your venetian blinds — but as far as I’m concerned, it also kind of works.

Am I just crazy?

  • Yes. These are both ugly. (43%, 2,382 Votes)
  • Kind of. I like one of them...I'll tell you which in the comments. (43%, 2,336 Votes)
  • No! They are both super cute. (14%, 764 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,484

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