It’s the Battle of the One-Shoulder Black. Are you ready? In one corner, entering to something strummy and emo that would pair well over bleakly lit shots of Texas prairies, we have Friday Night Lights’ Aimee Teegarden:

The cut of this dress does beautiful things for her figure. The knocks: It’s a mullet, and there’s not much there there. Simple almost to a fault — except, again, its very simplicity lets you enjoy the little things, like how her makeup is good, and  her waist looks majorly wee, and her smile lights up the room. Man, I sound like a grandmother. But I guess better that than a caveman? With all due apologies to the Geico gents, of course, although frankly a lot of the time I think they should apologize to me. Then again, I am not languishing somewhere in a cupboard with The Googly Eyed Pile Of Money, so maybe I’ll just waive the apologies and leave the cavemen alone.

Anyway, to sum up, the simplicity here may end up being to Aimee’s advantage, even if the dress itself isn’t revolutionizing its breed.

In the other corner, shadowboxing her way to the ring while the strains of… oh, I don’t know, something geek-rockin’ like the Aquabats, or basically anything that’s ever been on Yo Gabba Gabba: Kaley Cuoco.

I THINK those are red versions of Sarah Hyland’s shoes, but they fit with this dress better, and I love the pop of color with them and the accessories (although does it call for a red lip, too, or would that have been overkill?). I like the top… but where the dress may start to lose me is near the bottom, when it tries to get cute with itself.  If I’m not mistaken, the underskirt is sleek and knee-length, more like a pencil-cut, and the translucent fabric swirling around it is therefore longer. This is a bit distracting to me. I also kind of wish it were either floor-length or mid-calf, maybe just below the knee, instead of apparently hitting Kaley right at the ankle, which is almost always a super-awkward length. How to fix it so you still get the effect of the outer fabric? I don’t know. I’m just some crank on her couch. Is the answer in a bag of Tangy Carolina BBQ Lay’s? No? Well, just to be sure, I’d better clean out that bag.

So which one wins? Aimee’s better makeup (I can barely make out Kaley’s eyes in there) and more straightforward gown, or Kaley’s modern-yet-soda-shop version with all those hits of red?

Pick a winner:

  • Kaley (41%, 3,954 Votes)
  • Aimee (54%, 5,212 Votes)
  • Neither (5%, 522 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,690

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