Emmy Awards Unfug It Up: Emilia Clarke


What you can’t tell from the pictures is that the dress had an almost quilted look to it. Or at least textured fabric.

And much like a Bounty towel, it also appeared to have picked up traces of dirt here and there, which I guess is the risk of wearing white at one of those things. Lucky for her you can’t tell that from the shots; sadly, you can still tell that the outfit needs some help that its Chanel makers didn’t provide. That overlay is a messy idea that’s undercutting what I think is nice about the outfit. If you ripped off that sucker and kept it as a cocktail dress, it’d be pretty. If you ripped off that sucker and then extended the part underneath all the way down to the ground, it would be striking and lovely. If you sewed together that sucker and then brought it down to the ground, it might be fine. Whatever. The point is, do something to that sucker instead of letting it sucker¬†you.¬†What would you do?

Also: Let’s change the shoes. Can we agree on that?

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  1. Shannon


    Her little pet Drogon should have burned the overlay and then one of her hand maidens should have made the fitted part floor length as you suggested above. It would be like Nicole Kidman’s dress, but better.

    I like that she went with a pump, but I am not sure what color shoes would have been better. If the dress were floor length it would be less of an issue.

  2. Tamburlaine

    She needs purple shoes, definitely. I’d go with discarding the overskirt and extending the underskirt with its gorgeous embroidery down to floor-length. And make it slim-fitting rather than full-skirted.

  3. Helen

    The simplest and most obvious fix seems best, to me – just remove the overskirt.

    And I agree it cries out for purple shoes. I know a lot of stylists are against “matchy-matchy” now, but there are times it does work. This, IMO, would be one of them.

    Something also needs to be done with that messy hair. It looks like she came from the beach and didn’t have a mirror. A face as pretty as this deserves better!

  4. nichole

    I actually like this – I love the overskirt. It makes the dress just a little bit different and that gorgeous purple pops against the stark white.

  5. kate

    Would LOVE it as a cocktail dress (but not for the Emmys). I think extending it down as a column dress would be gorgeous.

    And yes, purple shoes – or metallic perhaps.

    I forget how freaking beautiful she is in real life. Love her dark hair.

  6. Jen S 2.0

    If you insist on wearing it to this event, yes, rip off the overskirt and stretch the underskirt to the ground. But ideally, rip off the overlay and leave it as a cocktail dress. It doesn’t seem formal enough on its own — even at floor length — for a fancy awards show.

    And strappy purple sandals.

  7. Kit

    bad shoes, and whoa, bad overskirt idea. Take it off altogether – the fact that it’s quilted make it’s an even worse idea!

  8. Katharine

    I will be SO HAPPY when this idea that beige shoes go with everything falls into the dumpster of fashion history.

    As for the dress, I would be interested to see if it would look any better if the overskirt was structured in a sharp flared A-line, rather than gathered like a kiddie’s dirndl, and stood out in a more architectural manner, and was sewn onto the skirt in a more literal reference to “princess” dresses, leaving the whole strip of embroidery open at the front. It looks very much like an afterthought as is.

    • maryse

      the beige show thing will never happen. i just watched a couple of hours of the golden girls this past weekend. beige shoes ALL OF THEM!

      • Katharine

        Yes, that’s the thing though, beige used to be Old Lady Shoes. Or Very Safe Work Pumps. Not the current Fancy Barbie Feet. I’d rather some matchy matchy honestly.

  9. glee

    Is it an obnoxiously long peplum? If so, extend the skirt to be a fittet column, and leave the peplum – minus 3 feet (or so) of the while fabric. She looks SO different from her character!!! She should have worn like a small dragon pin – just for kicks.

  10. Art Eclectic

    That overskirt is dreadful. Who on earth thought that was a good idea?

  11. NBT

    make the overlay & the column the same length — a little bit longer than the column itself right now, maybe slightly above the knee. then it’s still beautiful but also very interesting

  12. Kat

    We can agree on everything you said.

  13. MG

    The overlay doesn’t necessarily bother me, but when your dress essentially acts as stage curtains for your shoes, they better be some majah shoes. I think she could have saved the whole thing with some seriously edgy colorful shoes. Good thing she’s got all that face.

  14. Kelsey

    She’s way too tiny for this dress.

  15. Alyssa

    I actually really like the dress as is, but I’m totally with you about the shoes. Terrible choice.

  16. Vandalfan

    Glee is right- the overskirt is really a peplum on steroids! If it can’t be removed, at least it could be tamed, by extending the purple embroidered panel to the floor. This way is far too reminiscent of Demi Moore’s infamous bike short formal.

  17. Akit

    One of those catwalk things that only look good on the catwalk, if at all.

  18. Beckyjp

    This looks at LOT like my bed sheet got wrapped around my comforter, which is to say I love it. Not in the intended way, but it plays to my desire to wrap my bedding around myself in the morning and call it good. Alternately, I want to nap on her dress.

  19. Liz

    I think you could extend the over skirt down to the floor and it would be more successful while keeping the original idea intact. And most definitely different shoes!

  20. Maureen

    Actually, this was my favorite look of the night. It was a daring pick and looks charming on her. That said, I agree about the shoes.