What you can’t tell from the pictures is that the dress had an almost quilted look to it. Or at least textured fabric.

And much like a Bounty towel, it also appeared to have picked up traces of dirt here and there, which I guess is the risk of wearing white at one of those things. Lucky for her you can’t tell that from the shots; sadly, you can still tell that the outfit needs some help that its Chanel makers didn’t provide. That overlay is a messy idea that’s undercutting what I think is nice about the outfit. If you ripped off that sucker and kept it as a cocktail dress, it’d be pretty. If you ripped off that sucker and then extended the part underneath all the way down to the ground, it would be striking and lovely. If you sewed together that sucker and then brought it down to the ground, it might be fine. Whatever. The point is, do something to that sucker instead of letting it sucker you. What would you do?

Also: Let’s change the shoes. Can we agree on that?

[Photo: Getty]