Creative Arts Emmys Fug or Fab: Allison Janney

What it comes down to is that I WANT to believe Allison Janney can do no wrong.

Allison Janney at Creative Arts Emmys

But I just think she’s way hotter than being a walking lane marker.

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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Comments (28):

  1. Joanie

    Allison is so so so much better than this dress.

    She looks…okay. But the dress does nothing for her figure, nor for her coloring.

    • Joanie

      on the plus side, what I can see of her earrings I really REALLY like!

  2. Mina

    She stopped by a Charming Charlie store on the way this event and told the staff to find her a maxi dress and they gave her this and now we are sad.

  3. ChiTownSteph

    This photo makes it looks weirdly like her head has been photoshopped on her body. I think because there is a shadow over her face or something.

    IMO, this does not look Emmy’s to me. This looks like the maxi dress you bought at Target and you wear to be comfy, regardless of whether or not you look line a walking lane marker.

  4. Jacquilynne

    She is elevating that dress way above its pay grade by the sheer force of her own awesomeness, but it’s still not a great dress. Someone as awesome as her should have an equally awesome dress, obviously.

  5.  Cucina49

    I love her, I really do, and I’m so glad she won last night. However, as others have said above, this dress is not worthy of La Janney. She could have done a simple column, but she looks fantastic in color. She also NABB.

  6. MizShoes

    Yeah, whatever. Look. The important question is what about “I Wanna Marry Harry”. When are you giving us the finale recap??? This is a burning issue, people.

  7.  HelenBackAgain

    This probably could be very simply dramatic and great on her, but it isn’t a very good fit, especially around the chest. That’s ruining the intended effect, I think.

  8. Stefanie


    Im much more interested in the black and white number behind her.

    • hfree

      Yes! I suspect that ikat number is good, it even seems to have a pop of color.

  9. Maggiecate

    This brings to mind the cartoon Pepe-le-pew, where the lady cat gets a line of white paint along herself. She is considerably more fabulous than this, and I hope she didn’t spend the evening fending off a skunk.

  10.  Daenerys

    Surprisingly matronly for such a low neck line. Cheap looking fabric- and the cut does nothing for her figure. She deserves so much better!

  11. AliceBlue

    My first thought was that this is a really cheap knock-off of the dress Julia Roberts wore to accept her “Erin Brockovich” Oscar.

  12. Pouncer

    The design elements are so similar to Julia Robert’s Oscar dress the year she won. And that dress was way better than this one.

  13. Al

    This woman is a tall drink of water, as in a classy highball glass with fresh ice, a spring of mint and a tiny umbrella. This dress is an extra waxy, crinkled up Dixie cup.

  14. Leslie

    This was designed by Project Runway alum Bert Keeter. In the words of the immortal genius Tim Gunn, Bert did not make this work for Allison. WHAT HAPPENED TO ANDRAE?

    •  Cucina49

      Ah, man, I loved Bert and it’s awesome that he got to make a dress for such a terrific actress on a winning night. However, the dress itself is distinctly underwhelming.

  15. Jenz

    Do the PTB’s at the event not realize how much all that shade is ruining these looks?

  16. Donna

    Some dresses are not cut right for some people, and this is one of those cases. Allison Janney is normally perfection in heels, but this dress doesn’t do her enough favors to be worth wearing.

  17. Kathleen

    To me this dress needs someone pretty flat chested. If she had opted to give the girls a big hoist it would look tacky. Instead it just looks depressing.

  18. Sherry

    This event is confusing – is one to dress for day or for evening? We have extreme examples of both.

    Looks to me like La Janney tried to walk that fine line – a full length, monochrome, unembellished number seems the perfect answer. So good for her!

    Too bad about the fit.

  19. witjunkie

    I just wouldn’t have chosen white for right next to her skin. Unless one is very uniformly tan, I think it just blurs the lines.

  20.  MissElaineous

    My Aunt June wore this exact dress to my cousin’s wedding back in 1972.

  21. Glenn

    Looks like the $59 Target knock-off of Julia Roberts’ Oscar dress of 2001.

  22. Francien Rohrbacher

    This is so unflattering. You can do better, Ms. Janney.