I tend to think Naeem Khan is a woman’s best pal at these things. By and large it turns out to be true.

And I think it is here, as well. Her slithery metallic here is super glam. I was a little worried at first that it’s almost too much flash for her to carry — is her makeup quite right? — but y’all know I LOVE her on Scandal, and on that she NEVER gets to wear anything but what looks like Talbot’s Petites, so I’m reveling in the sight of her in a Major Movie Star dress. I mean, to me, this could have been on Angelina Jolie. Way to snooze, Angie. And, in what might be the worst line from Annie (which totally came on HBO this week), shove it up your ol’ wazoo, Fitzgerald Grant. Just for good measure.

[Photo: Getty]