Crazy Stupid Fug

At least Analeigh Tipton is having FUN?

This face says, “YES! I may have thrown this kind of cute blazer from Forever 21 over this kind of weird dress that’s kind of a bra-and-skirt combo held together by lace and now I look kind of like I lost a bet BUT! I am in a movie with Adam Brody and he’s STILL CUTE. TAKE THAT, TYRA!”

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Comments (13):

  1. Molly

    I LOVE her hair gingery! She’s adorable… despite the cracktackular dress.

  2. Abigail

    Aaaa! The accessories bother me almost more than the outfit (almost…). A forest green bag and caramel-colored shoes? What??!

  3. Kara

    I think I like those shoes, but they don’t belong with that outfit.

  4. Sandra

    Looks the The Walk of Shame to me.

  5. The Other Molly

    The whole thing looks like she grabbed whatever was on the floor of her closet.
    And the leg stance makes her look like she’s needed to pee for an hour.

  6. vandalfan

    Other Molly, you took the words right out of my mouth. This is an utterly random assortment of clothes, as if five different assistants selected one piece each, without having any idea to what event she was supposed to be going or what anyone else chose.

  7. Marisa

    agreed, looks like the walk of shame

  8. Kate

    Don’t hate me, but I kind of like the blazer…

  9. ceecee

    I’m willing to make a deal with all these young actresses/singers- I will see your movie, watch your TV show, or buy your album if you will just please stop showing me your bra.

  10. Mahastee

    Anyone else think this was Milla Jovovich?

  11. Christopher D

    I’m sorry but I think almost all these lace dresses – especially in black, look super CHEAP! (like the shoes/bag but not together probably, and not with this.)

  12. baltimorebee

    I saw that dress at american apparel the other day! that’s not a lace top skirt combo but an actual dress! i couldn’t imagine how one would wear it… and now i know!

  13. Bex

    Wrong on so many levels – the jacket, the bag, the SHOES!