This is Monse, and does have a slightly tortured vibe about it, as garments from that line often do. It almost looks like her left boob is slowly falling out from under the black fabric. But even so, I can’t escape the dawning realization that I don’t entirely dislike this, and I think I know why: It’s what Lemon Breeland would have worn if she’d been the power bitch in an ’80s movie. You know, the one who ostensibly isn’t the heroine, until you watch it twenty years later and realize she’s the one you enjoy the most and maybe, just maybe, you secretly identify with her. I would, in fact, watch a Lemon Breeland time travel movie in which she pops up to drive a pin through various people’s idiot 1982 shenanigans while dating Carrie Bradshaw’s father. Any takers there at The CW?

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