Fugger: Winona Ryder

Unfug or Fab: Winona Ryder

Winona looks terrified, as usual.

Wino Forever

She needn’t be too worried. Despite this also being her standard all-dark aesthetic, she looks really good. The jacket and dress are both cut beautifully and fit with precision. I honestly think all I’d have done is pick a funkier purse and sweep back her hair a bit, so that it looks less like she’s trying to disappear behind it. And maybe… not boots, if that’s what those are. What would you do? Or does this tickle your fancy as-is? I’ll say this: She DOES make the grown-up Lydia Deetz thing work. If she showed up somewhere in fuchsia I might faint.

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Well Played: Wino Forever in Oscar de la Renta

I’m always pleased to see Winona “Wino Forever” Ryder out and about in the world. Yet there’s something so permanently skittish and timid in her expression, to the point where I find myself even typing about her more gently for fear of her scampering away at the smallest thud.

winona ryder wino forever show me a hero premiere oscar de la renta

She’s certainly made a very pretty choice here. I am not ENTIRELY sure what’s going on with her hair — is that a braid over the top? A mink headband? — and of course I hope for a bit more footwear panache, but this is elegant and clean and delicate, just as she herself appears to be. I would LOVE it if she hooked herself up with a limited-episode TV project, like Fargo or Bates Motel or something, where she could act the hell out of it for a concentrated period of time and get all the accolades but still retreat to her garrett for much of the year and peacefully write Jo March fan-fiction (along with angry letters to The CW about its dystopian Little Women reboot, which is only Little Women in the same sense that True Detective, by dint of a character named Ani, is a remake of Annie)(wait, or does it help make SENSE of True Detective if we think of it as Dystopian Annie?)(never mind, down that road lies madness).

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Fuggle Women: Winona Ryder at Screening of ‘Turks and Caicos’

OH WINONA. I want so much more for you than this! Even when you were having all your Troubles with the shop-lifting and the prescription drugs (sidenote: a friend of mine went to the same doctor as Winona for years, and when the news broke that said doc was writing Wino many many a prescription she didn’t need, said Friend was all, “WELL, there is a REASON we all call him Dr. Feelgood”), I still wanted good things for you! You are so snarky in Beetlejuice and so lovely in Little Women (hers is my FAVORITE Little Women, although Bale is SO dreamy as Laurie that I get even MORE ENRAGED WHEN HE ENDS UP WITH THAT BOOK BURNER AMY MARCH RAGE) and so very in Heathers. I want you to have a smashing wonderful comeback and to show up places looking amazing:

THIS is not how I imagined that trend beginning!

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Fugs and Fabs: AARP’s Movies For Grownups Awards Gala

Well, that event name is  a real mouthful. Also, do people really want to attend an event sponsored by the AARP? It’s not the sexiest organization in the universe. So many questions, you guys.

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ICYMI: New York Fugshion Week

Rumor has it that you have stuff to do in your lives beyond hanging out here at GFY, reading stuff and commenting on things and making shopping lists of DRESSES YOU WANT and DRESSES YOU WANT TO BURN. So if you missed anything, here is a handy round-up of everything we wrote for our friends at The Cut, plus a handy slideshow of everyone who went to Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein yesterday.


Fine or Fab: Wino Forever

Winona always looks like she is terrified in advance, as if she owns an unruly pet and hates going home because she just knows the sitter is going to tell her that it ate another pair of shoes and then tried to mate with her purse.

Which is too bad, because this is a perfectly nice outfit. With confidence — just a little extra zing — she could sparkle in it. Look how not-tentative she is here. What do we have to do to bring back that girl? She’s still gorgeous, and I REALLY want her to get into a project I’m excited to see because I miss her, but it’s hard to sell either an outfit or oneself if you look like you are about to duck preemptively in case the locust plague starts.

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