Let me simply lay this out there on the table, Winona and Keanu: I need this. You two are so cute together. It would warm my heart, and let me be clear: My heart needs some warming. And you guys possibly ALSO need this! You are two still-hot hotties of the 90s who have also gone through some real shit over the last twenty-five years! You are both slightly wounded birds! Neither of you seem to be that into it when you have to have your photos taken for work, although this picture is sure cute! You both seem gentle! You have similar hair! You could probably have long talks about what the hell happened to Johnny Depp! (I am sure SOMEONE out there has a regrettable tattoo of Keanu’s name to match the one Johnny got for Winona.) YOU COULD BE SO HAPPY TOGETHER and, truly, your happiness would make me happy, too. Given that Winona said at this very event that she’s pretty sure she and Keanu have been technically married for the last 25 years, I feel like making this legit is not out of the realm of possibility. LEAN INTO THAT, KIDS.

[Photos: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock]