So much of this J.W. Anderson show was a hoot, or a horror, or both, which therefore all but guarantees a celebrity of a certain amount of daring would try one. And I think we all suspected Emma Corrin, wearer of the balloon boobs from the Anderson-directed line Loewe and generally a noted executor of elaborate quirk, was one of the prime candidates. And now here we are. Target acquired! I can’t believe this hairs exist to split, but: I think the baggie looked better slightly longer and with slippers, as shown on the runway. I also think the dress would be more amusing if, at certain angles, it were lenticular — meaning, if you stood to their left the fish would look like this, but if you stood to their right, poof, poor Crackers would be belly-up and ready for a flush. I refuse to believe that’s too weird or twisted for a line of clothes that puts people in imaginary baggies.

[Photo: Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Shutterstock]