Unlike Harry’s most recent press push, the promo forĀ My Policeman at least LOOKS like everyone is having a blast, and also he’s got a VERY cute handbag. (It’s monogrammable!!! That’s an affiliate link to Gucci; please let me live through you vicariously if you buy it.) (That whole Gucci look is pretty slick.) (The third person here is their co-star David Dawson, who wisely decided to just wear a very standard, if extremely well-tailored, suit to this event.) Also, so far no one is making fun of his accent in this movie, in which Corrin is said to be (unsurprisingly) terrific. I dig Harry’s entire green look, in fact. The man knows how to work an accessory.

You also need to know that Emma Corrin looks like they are CRACKING UP in most of the photos they snapped in this get-up. I grabbed this next photo because you can see their outfit the best, but please know they spent what looked like a lot of time flapping their wings about and enjoying this and clearly reveling in how OTT it is. I do not always love what Emma wears, but my god, they have a sense of humor about fashion and it’s really fun to see them throwing all kinds of crazy shit at the wall. Interestingly, they and Harry Styles share a stylist, Harry Lambert — which actually makes total sense now that I think about it:

'My Policeman' premiere, Toronto International Film Festival, Canada - 11 Sep 2022

This is like if you’re playing a sexy bat in an experimental tap show. It’s certainly something! (Something that I feel certain was meant to be worn with bottoms, but you know. YOLO.)

See? Cavorting:

Emma Corrin

There WILL be notes about these costumes from the experimental tappers, I fear.

[Photos: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock, Todd Williamson/January Images/Shutterstock]