I mean, there IS something to be said for looking like you’re in a sexy coven and this is certainly livelier than its iteration on the most recent cover of Vogue (also on J. Law). On the other hand, this is the most boring option from Dior’s most recent couture offerings and while I’ve accepted that I just am rarely going to be in lockstep with her fashion choices, that’s sort of disappointing. That line was really beautiful and her team went with something fairly predictable; if you wanted to look like a witch, go FULL Elegant and Severe, for my money. (I’m well on record as thinking Dior is a weird pairing for her, anyway, but if you’re going to pair up with Dior, at least get Dior-y with it!)

Regardless, she’s looking facially glorious:

2022 TIFF -

And the earrings aren’t too shabby either. Overall…welcome back, Jennifer. You HAVE been missed.

[Photos: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock]