Fugger: Sarah Jessica Parker

Fug or Fab: Sarah Jessica Parker in Elie Saab

When we originally saw this on the runway, I noted that I liked the pattern very much and I stand by that reckless opinination:

Irish Repertory Theatre's YEATS: The Celebration

And good on SJP for rocking the flats with it. I feel like they give this whole outfit a kind of Come To Cocktails At My Place In Santorini vibe that I am happy to pick up. (I also just noticed that 43% of all posts I’ve written in the last few days have involved some kind of mythical vacation. WHY aren’t we on vacation right now, you guys? And if you ARE on vacation right now, why didn’t you take me with you?)

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Met Gala Fug Carpet: Sarah Jessica Parker in SJP/H&M and Philip Treacy

I don’t know how to tackle this one. Because I like SJP a lot — I’ve never heard anyone who’s ever met her (including us!) have a single bad word to say about her. She’s by all accounts really nice and a total pro and a class act. And she always GOES FOR IT HERE and I also appreciate that. I am not sure that I appreciate this, though. It gets complicated. Let’s discuss.

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Fugs and Fabs: Yet ANOTHER Jingle Ball

All of these people are so over jingling and balls by now.

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Fugs or Fabs: Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Richie

My kneejerk reaction is that Nicole looks great and SJP (bless her) looks wacky. Let’s dig deeper.

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Fug and the City: Sarah Jessica Parker

On the bright side, she doesn’t need a bracelet?

The Broadway Opening Night Performance After Party arrivals

She’s also DEFINITELY wearing a bra.

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Fug or Fab: Sarah Jessica Parker in Mary Katrantzou

SJP is wearing Mary Katrantzou because — and this is awesome — Parker, as one of the New York City Ballet’s board of directors, had the brainwave to ask major designers to design pieces for the ballet, and Katrantzou is one of the designers in question (as is Sarah Burton for McQueen, Carolina Herrera, and Thom Browne). Which is extremely cool.  And I recognize that this dress is full-on nutty, but I weirdly sort of like it. I can’t. Don’t hate me:

New York City Ballet 2014 Fall Gala

Yes, it could literally be a costume from Game of Thrones and it could also be inspired by a REALLY fantastic holiday table runner or a seriously dramatic front door (possibly a front door or a table runner from Game of Thrones, honestly. This fall, at Pier One!), but I sort of dig it. Can’t you just see her sweeping in to have potentially poison tea with Cersei Lannister while wearing this? I mean, it’s SJP, so she would be playing some fundamentally sympathetic person who is only trying to help, which means that Cersei would end up pushing her out a window at the end or something, but she’d look impressive before that happened, anyway, and it would be fun synergy for HBO to get her back on-screen for a little bit.  I’m just saying: There are possibilities here.

What say you?

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