Fugger: Rita Ora

Fug or Fab: Rita Ora

Everyone Looks Hotter In Sunglasses…

Rita Ora

… Dominatrix Ringmaster at the Cirque du Solaid Edition.

The thing is, even without the sunglasses, this works surprisingly well for me:

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MTV VMAs Fug Carpet: The Naked and the Sheers

Or in pizza* terms: It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorNOOOOOOOO.

*For the uninitiated, one day we decided we were tired of talking about sheer clothing and decided to talk about pizza instead. It’s morphed into GFY slang in which “pizza” means “sheer.”

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Teen Choice Awards Fug or Fab: Rita Ora in Max Mara

I weirdly kind of like this.

Teen Choice Awards 2015 - Arrivals

I think it’s because I’ve just created an alter-ego for Rita Ora in my imagination, where she is a bad-ass business lady who marches into the office and gives everyone totally brilliant orders, right off the cuff, and doesn’t take anyone’s shit, and the Xerox always works for all, and her underlings say things to each other like, “I love her and I think she’s so smart but is it sort of weird how she’s really REALLY into being so coordinated all the time? Oh, shit, here she comes. Hand me the TPS reports!”

But if her suit is Brightly Coordinated Business, her shoes at least are ready for a party:

Teen Choice Awards 2015 - Arrivals

I am on record as being sort of Platformed-Out, but….these might be an exception.  I am a magpie. THERE IS GOLD INVOLVED.

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WTF: Rita Ora

Rita Ora wore this to a radio station to promote…something:

Rita Ora Stops By A Radio Station In NYC

I can’t decide if it’s HILARIOUS — I have several jokes half-written about how this is, truly, an ensemble for radio — or hideous, or, perhaps that most treasured of sartorial occurrences, BOTH.

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Rita Oraly Played, Rita Ora

Sometimes, I really do think that people decide what to wear out — here, to Nick Jonas’s album release party, so clearly a deeply formal event — by just throwing darts at their laundry basket:

Rita Ora Attends Nick Jonas' Album Party Launch

And last night, Rita Ora’s darts hit her jeans, a KISS-themed one-piece bathing suit (we’ve all got one), and her beloved red felt beret. A pairing as natural as peanut butter and moth balls.

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Your Afternoon Chat: What You Wear on the Plane

Let’s look at all these celebs getting on and off planes, and talk about travel wear.  You guys know I love talking about packing, and I also love articles about What To Wear On the Plane. I will read every single one of them. (I spent all morning reading this post on Into The Glossabout Joan Didion’s packing list.) Literally, I don’t care: you have an article about wearing things on a plane/packing for a trip, I WILL READ IT. So, let’s talk Plane Wear Hints and Packing Tips and The One Thing You Always Put In Your Carry-On and all that stuff. My own personal rule is just that I have to bring a scarf or a sweater because I am always really, really really cold on a plane/in an airport. I own like nine random pashminas that I have bought in airports across the world. I once spent like $40 on a fleece blanket in the Austin airport because I was so cold. And yet I am surprised every time this happens.

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