Fugger: Rita Ora

Cannes amfAR Fugs and Fabs: Brights

In another unexpected move, I NEVER would have picked out that cut or color for Marion Cotillard. Did she and Dita collude to confound the bloggers?

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Billboard Music Awards Fug Carpet: Rita Ora

I’m so tired of this.

Rita Ora in Fausto Puglisi billboard music awards

Once again I am looking at Rita Ora’s Everything: navel, and cleavage, and rump-pits, oh my. It is The Netherending Story and the plot is not thickening and I am OVER IT.

Rita Ora in Fausto Puglisi billboard music awards

Especially because it lends itself to the whole “Oopsie! Tee-hee!” attitude of this photo, which is so incredibly disingenuous when she KNOWS she’s wearing a bra and a toga. But I’ve had several glasses of wine, so that makes me more expansively eye-rolly than usual.

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Met Gala Fugs and Fabs: The Lightbox Purge

AKA: Here’s everyone else we haven’t covered yet. It’s a grab-bag!

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WTF: Rita Ora in Tommy Hilfiger

I saw the runway show for this Tommy line when we were at Fashion Week in February and I would like to note that most of the stuff was way cuter than this:

Tommy Hilfiger Boutique Opening

But THIS is probably way more water-resistant, and we don’t know her life.

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Fugs and Fabs the Cover: Recent UK Magazines

Shall we eyeball some recent covers out of the UK? Where, for what it’s worth, I LOVE THE MAGAZINES. Half of them give you gifts! Half of them are wee, purse-sized little books of delight! Some of them are REALLY TRASHY (heat)! And then there is my favorite of all the glossy monthlies, Tatler, for which I pay an absurd fee to have delivered to my home and which I HAVE NEVER REGRETTED. They once had a whole sidebar about ridiculous British names that caused me and Heather to worry that The Royal We didn’t have a sufficiently crazily-named character and one of our major players is named after a font. It recently had an article about aristocratic menageries of yore which included a photo of a lemur (!) named Mah-Jongg (!!) on a deck-chair (!!!) OF SOMEONE’S YACHT! IT’S THE BEST.

Join me, won’t you?


WTF: Rita Ora

I must note, because she’s coming your way in Fug Madness in mere hours, that this does not count for this year’s tournament:

"The Voice" Open Mic Night At The Scotch

In other works, pencil her in for 2016. Actually, forget the pencil. Go ahead and use a pen. Use blood.

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