Fugger: Rita Ora

WTF: Rita Ora

I must note, because she’s coming your way in Fug Madness in mere hours, that this does not count for this year’s tournament:

"The Voice" Open Mic Night At The Scotch

In other works, pencil her in for 2016. Actually, forget the pencil. Go ahead and use a pen. Use blood.

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Fifty Shades of Fug: Rita Ora

I cannot WAIT for her new album to drop.

Rita Ora steps out in a red hat in NYC

I believe it’s called LAUNDRY DAY.

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Who Fugged It More: Kim Kardashian vs Rita Ora

I cannot believe we live in a world where a) two people wore pink PVC dresses on the same night to the same party, and b) it was one of those people’s SECOND TIME IN FOUR MONTHS wearing a pink PVC dress. Why does everyone want to look like something you’d get in a saucy bachelorette-party goodie bag?

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BRIT Awards Better-Only-On-A-Technicality Carpet: Rita Ora

Blessedly, her bum is not extruding gossamer black fabric — a sentence, by the way, that a person in this world should never, ever have to type.

rita ora BRIT Awards 2015

And in one sense, this is her pushing back in the other direction from that Oscar post-party outfit, given that she’s wearing a jumpsuit that also has its own skirt — as if she’s double-bagging herself after having merely quarter-bagged it in L.A. But it’s still a see-through jumpsuit and an equally translucent skirt, so even though the gentle gold sparkles are alluring, the effect is Same As It Ever Was. Aren’t you bored of rolling the Bits Dice to see which ones you show us today, Rita?

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Oscars Well Played to WTF: Rita Ora in Marchesa, Vera Wang, and Donna Karan

Let’s just take in this glamorous view of Rita Ora:


We will see more of this gown in a minute, but let’s just appreciate the chic sleekness of the back. The hourglass-y silhouette. The grace and the color and that eternity of a train.

And then let’s swerve:

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Grammys Fugs and Fabs: Ladies in Silver


(As ever with these themed round-ups, if you think we missed someone, we probably covered them in their own post below. Like Gaga!)

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