Fugger: Rita Ora

Fugs and Fines: How Many Freaking Jingle Balls Are There, Anyway?

This outfit says, “I am so tired and I just want to go home and put on a Snuggie.”

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I Fug Radio: Rita Ora in Viktor & Rolf

This reminds me of that scene in Pretty Woman where  Julia Roberts drapes herself in nothing but a necktie and sits waiting for Richard Gere. Except replace “necktie” with “suit fabric remnant” and “Richard Gere” with “Santa.”

Rita Ora I Heart Radio Jingle Ball

I can just see her waiting in his sleigh, feet propped up, sipping a glass of bubbly. However: As ridiculous as that thing is, it DOES l0ok extremely comfortable AND forgiving of Holiday Cheese Consumption (of which mine will be storied), so I can’t say I’d kick it out of my house, either. Maybe it’ll be my new wine cardigan/Downton caftan/bathrobe.

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Fugs and Fabs: Yet ANOTHER Jingle Ball

All of these people are so over jingling and balls by now.

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Fug Widow: Rita Ora at the Philly Jingle Ball

Rita’s head is the good news.

Rita Ora Jingle Ball

Also, her dress has a built-in flotation aid, in case of flooding. However, the bad news — there is always bad news — is that the view doesn’t get any better from another angle.

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Fugs and Fabs: The KIIS FM Jingle Ball (or Balls)

I’m so late with this. Maybe it’s because when it was happening, I hadn’t hung my own Christmas decorations yet, so ball-jingling felt premature.

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British Fashion Awards Fugs: Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne in Tom Ford

Tom Ford always looks so pleased with himself.

Rita Ora at the British Fashion Awards

Which… I mean, if his goal was to make Rita Ora look like a dominatrix who’s falling off the hanger of the closet from which he yanked her, then yeah, great, be proud. Dubious mission accomplished.

He also clothed Cara Delevingne for the after-party — “clothed” being a term I’m using loosely.

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