Fugger: Patricia Clarkson

Oscars Fugs and Fabs: The Lightbox Purge

In other words, here’s EVERYONE ELSE.


WTF: Laura Michelle Kelly

Laura here came to theatrical renown as Mary Poppins, and is in the recent Finding Neverland Broadway show, which also starred (stars?) Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammar.

laura michelle kelly

So she’s better than this, is what I’m saying. It’s possible that this is merely the ILLUSION of staring at her bits-and-bobs, and we’re just seeing a very reflective nude slip under her  perfunctory lace sheath. But I just feel like this is the kind of thing best worn when you’re trying to convince the hot Terminix guy that you TOTALLY forgot he was coming and just rolled out of bed and of COURSE he can rustle around in the bushes with his nozzle.

Just as a comparison, let’s see how veteran awesome-monger Patricia Clarkson fared at the same event:

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Tony Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Lightbox Purge

I completely forgot we hadn’t cleaned out this sucker yesterday. Time for some housekeeping, albeit some glamorous housekeeping with a few Broadway legends sprinkled in there for delicious measure.

And now that we’ve seen it all, what’s the verdict on Anna Wintour’s big fashion intervention?

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Fug or Fab the Cover (and More): December 2014 Vogue, Featuring Amy Adams, Benedict Cumberbatch, and More

This issue was chock-a-block with stuff, including the world’s current favorite bowl of alphabet soup, Bananabread Cinnabon. One could argue Vogue should have put him on the cover, for newsstand swooning alone. Instead, we got Amy Adams — which more than twenty of you guessed would happen, though mostly in February for American Hustle, rather than in December, for Whatever She’s In Right Now Which Will Probably At Least Net Her A Globe Nod – and while I like her, this cover and I are not the best of friends. Although I will take it a hundred times over the creepy-ass thing they did to her inside the book. Come and see. Be brave.

[Photos: Vogue]


Fugs and Mostly Fabs: Everyone Else at the Metropolitan Opera Opening

By and large, this is good news: People looked lovely at the opera, which is as it should be.

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Tony Awards: Fugs and Fabs of the Rest

Well, they look about as stoked about this as I am. Remember, Leighton, Blair Waldorf was nothing if not an extremely polished salesman.

Let’s open this up, too, into a discussion of the Tony-nominated performances and plays. How did everyone feel about the winners? Do we think the likes of Bryan Cranston and Neil Patrick Harris should have won, or were they rewarded for the heft of their celebrity? That’s an honest question — I am sure both are fabulous in their roles, but I’m always curious about the allure of the crossover star when it comes to doling out these trophies. As much as it would be fun to vote in one of these things, though, ultimately I don’t envy the process of choosing, EXCEPT for how often it means I would get to go to the theatre. Man, I would be there ALL THE TIME. “Yeah, you know what, can I just go to A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder ONE more time? I’m REALLY TORN, YOU GUYS.”

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Vanity Fair Oscar Party: Who Fabbed It More, Amy Poehler or Patricia Clarkson

These two both killed it this year, in similar enough patterns that I’ve decided to be heinously cruel about it and make you choose.

Let’s start with Patricia Clarkson:

This is so good. SO good. The pattern is fabulous. It’s a combination of gleaming marine life and fireflies at night. It makes me want to go camping. Which is how I know I need to stop looking at it, because I am not a camper of any stripe, unless there are bathrooms and also beds and tents that are more like cabins, and electricity. So, I’m a hoteler.

Anyway. From that fabulousness to this one:

A bracelet — and a gorgeous one — is a check in the Poehler column. As is the fact that she looks better here, I think, than she’s ever looked, with the exception of the Globes. Actually, I give this more credence than the Globes because there is actually less pressure on this, and that’s often when people get sloppy, but instead she’s in a Peter Som gown that’s unusual and flattering and graceful, still formal but not constrictingly so. Whether you vote based on gowns alone, or past performances weighed against current success… that’s up to you. Consider this choice a warm-up for Fug Madness in two weeks.

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