Fugger: Natasha Bedingfield

Oscars Fugs and Fabs: Ladies in Black

Joan Collins, our patron saint, getting it done as usual. With bonus Jackie!

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amfUG: Natasha Bedingfield at the amfAR Inspiration LA Gala

Poor Natasha Bedingfield. I’m sure she’s still paying her mortgage with residuals from her song being the theme to The Hills, but Ellie Goulding seems to have stepped up as the new British Bleached-Blonde Purveyor Of Dance Music With Bad Taste In Clothes. That must be hard.

Natasha Bedingfield

Not that Natasha has given up trying. This effort is, in fact, strenuous and admirable. It’s flagrantly fugtacular, it’s serving up twin pancakes, it’s boxy, it’s got netting… it’s everything you’d want in picking a dress to remind people whose Throne of Ignominy it was FIRST.


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Fugs and Fabs: The United Nations Equator Prize Gala

Remember how, the other day, I congratulated Emma Watson for looking elegant and business-like, but still chic, at a U.N. event? LEARN FROM HER, YOU GUYS.

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Fashion Rocks: Fugs and Fabs of the Rest

Many of these people made a convincing argument for the fact that the way fashion rocks is more like a ferry on choppy waters.

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Billboard Music Awards WTF: Natasha Bedingfield

Oh, my God. No, Natasha. You know what is not still unwritten? MY HORROR.

This is the kind of thing you wear when you call the paparazzi and tell them you’re going to the doctor/Bristol Farms market/the gym, so they will run a photo of your hot abs but you can still claim it was just your lounging clothes. Bonus points if you’re doing it after a breakup, so you can fill your shopping cart with high-calorie feelings and yet still remind everyone your stomach is taut even in grief. It’s a janky hellpile even so, but as something you have actually picked out and lovingly fluffed and prepared for your big night out on a red carpet, it is A CHARRED HEAP OF CRAZY ON A KEBAB. Because those are SWEATPANTS. And that is a bra. And the rest is just crocheted skin. I’m sorry, guys, but Granny has to come out to play: WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY. WEAR YOUR SWEATPANTS TO YOGA AND WEAR YOUR ABS IN YOUR HOUSE.

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Grammy Awards Fugs and Fabs: Reds and Oranges

So much half-heartedness.

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Fugtasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield, you are a treasure.

Is SHE the genie who gave Lady Gaga the three wishes that shot her to fame?

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