Fugger: Naomie Harris

Vanity Fair Oscar Party Well Played: Naomie Harris in Naeem Khan

When we saw this at Fashion Week, I pleaded with the gods that someone would wear it during Awards Season and lo! My prayers were answered:

I put it on Anne Hathaway — and she would have looked great in it — but how can you complain about getting Naomie Harris instead? I adore this dress, and she’s spectacular in it. Would I have pulled her hair back? Maybe. But complaining about that is akin to noting that your diamond shoes are too tight. Let’s just take this and run with it. (Yes, I am advocating stealing it if need be. It’s that good.)


Fugs and Fabs: The ESSENCE Luncheon

How does one bump Lupita Nyong’o from the front of a slideshow? By giving us the Thigh Sign.

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Fugs and Fabs: Other Folks From The Lupita Nyong’o Party

We’ve already seen the blue dress worn by the honoree, but what did everyone ELSE trot out to fete Hollywood’s new favorite person? The answer: a whole lot of meh.


NAACP Image Awards Fugs and Fabs

I was JUST thinking to myself, “I wonder how Kerry Washington’s gestating is going.” I can’t wait for the bump-hiding shenanigans on Scandal. If anyone can think of a clever way to phrase that, please do put it in the comments. I am leaning toward “bumpoflage” or “womboflage” right now.

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at London Fashion Week

Let’s put a bow on this sucker and move on to Milan.

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BAFTAs Well Played: Naomie Harris

Before you ask, it does not appear that Idris Elba was at this event, which is obviously a brutal tragedy for anyone with eyes. However, Naomie Harris’s dress was pretty easy on them:

The color story here — wow, can you tell we were just at Fashion Week? I just used the phrase “color story.” Don’t worry, I’m going to watch some old One Tree Hill on Netflix and eat a metric ton of Chex Mix and I’ll be back to myself in no time at all — is reminiscent of Amy Adams’ dress from the Critic’s Choice Awards, but the simplicity of this Gucci version really suits her. That being said, and as lovely as I think this is, people are slightly phoning this thing in. Maybe if Idris wasn’t going to be there, she just couldn’t be bothered. That’s as good of an excuse as any.

[Photo: WENN]