Naomie is at the opening of restaurant, so the backdrop here is I believe just the place’s decor and not something anyone ordered specifically as a red carpet. It’s just unlucky for her that everything in this photo is so busy — honestly, the floor is tough; it reminds me of those years HBO had psychedelic step-and-repeats after the Golden Globes. I’m trying to focus on the frock, but there is so much competition that I can’t tell how I feel about it.

Luckily, as I was in the middle of writing this, another photo came in of her arriving at said restaurant, so maybe fewer — or different — distractions will help:

The Ivy Asia, Chelsea Launch Party, London, UK - 29 Jul 2021

Or, maybe not. I still love the lipstick. Still enjoy seeing a pattern. Still never love that style of bodice, and still never love the high front slits. My internal debate rages unchecked. It’s… fine! For a warm-weather sundress, it leaves me weirdly cold, or am I just being too picky? Ultimately, to borrow that old tired phrase, I just think it’s wearing her rather than the other way around. Maybe the backdrop was actually being a HELPFUL distraction.

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