Is this leather? It’s rad. I like to think of Angelina Jolie sitting on a terrace somewhere in France looking at this and thinking, “man, if only I had somewhere to go, I’d snap this right up,” as I personally consider Angelina to be The Planet’s Foremost Wearer of Leather Red Carpet Gowns. Text her, Angelina! I’m sure she’d loan it to you for whatever you’re up to — taking your private plane to Lake Como to spying on George Clooney through binoculars from across the lake? (Why? Why NOT.)


Truly, it is a feat to be breezy in whatever fabric this actually is, but she’s working it. Perfect for all your summertime goth needs — of which, contrary to what you may believe, there actually are many.

[Photos by JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP via Getty Images]
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