Fugger: Katie Holmes

Scrolldown Fug: Katie Holmes

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: sweatslacks.

The Letterman Dumpster could not be reached for comment, as it was too busy rifling through the fourteen better pairs of pants in its depths to see if one of them would go with this outfit.

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Fug or Fab: Katie Holmes

Either Katie Holmes grew out this hair while she was plotting her escape from Cruiselandia and I just didn’t notice, or she’s added some extensions.

Either way, it looks nice and healthy, but I’m wondering if perhaps she’s not used to it all because every photo I found of her looked like this:

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Fugson’s Fug

I suspect, but can not be sure that this is courtesy of Holmes & Yang:

Whoever’s handiwork it may be, it would benefit from a generous application OF FIRE.

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Fug Money

I know it’s inching toward winter, and sometimes when it’s chilly, substance wins over style.

But the way all these layers have come together, I’m concerned she’s one flower truck away from getting picked up by a smug Svengali who wants her to discuss the weather on the Spanish plains.

[Photo: INF]


Feh Played: Katie Holmes

Some fancy-pants style awards took place in New York as a precursor to Fashion Week, and it marked Katie Holmes’ first big red carpet appearance since the divorce.

Disappointing, right? She’s younger than I am, but she’s dressed — though tastefully and all — like a society matron. I’d hoped that for her first time out she’d blow us away with something unexpected and funky and maybe even sexy in a way it never seemed like she was allowed to be when she was on Team Cruise. Caveat: She was there to present something to Carolina Herrera, and therefore is probably wearing Carolina Herrera. But she also is wearing something that it looks like Carolina Herrera — who is 73 — handed over out of her own closet.  You don’t HAVE to wear a collared shirt just because Herrera always does, AND the shirt and the skirt don’t even seem to be playing nice together. I want to separate them and put them both in time out to think about their transgressions… then give them a hug and a cookie and send them off to play baseball in the yard. Look, I’m not a total tyrant.

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Well Played Cover: Katie Holmes

It sure is convenient that Katie Holmes looks awesome on the cover of Elle in the month that she turned awesome by going all cloak and dagger on Tom Cruise. (The visible bra doesn’t bother me on the cover of a magazine the way it would if she were wearing this, you know, at the market.)  It’s also certainly convenient for Elle that “…on Tom, Suri, and What She Desperately Wants” is a headline that is just as applicable to her situation now as it was six weeks ago. ALSO also, I’d like to thank Elle for their use of the Oxford comma — about which, Vampire Weekend notwithstanding, I do give a f#$*k.  Finally, I don’t know if that’s HER hair, or just hair that happens to be attached to her head for the shot, but either way: I want it.