Fugger: Holland Roden

Fug Wolf: Holland Roden

She did not look this sour the entire day, but this was just a wonderful marriage of the best view of the outfit, and the facial expression it dearly deserves.

holland roden

In the battle for the worst half of this thing, the bastard child of palazzo pants and culottes is being given a serious, impressive run for its money by Satan’s corset.

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MTV Movie Awards Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else

Remember when the MTV Movie Awards were, like, a really big deal? Yeah, I fear those years are past. (Or maybe I AM THE THING THAT IS PAST. [In other words, I may just now be too old for them.])


Fugs and Fabs: The Michael Kors Young Hollywood Party, Part Two

You may have noticed that Part I was all black and white. Brace yourselves for color and pattern.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Teen Vogue Hollywood Party

Warning: Zendaya looks insane. (But in a fun way.) (Maybe.)

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Who Played It Better: Holland Roden v. Kate Middleton

Sorry to be dipping back into the Emmys well, but eagle-eyed Fug National Esther pointed out that Holland Roden sported a dress at an Emmys post-party that looks rather similar to a fairly famous dress previously seen on the Duchess of Cambridge, and I thought you might enjoy a Sleepy Friday Compare and Contrast. And by “you,” I mean Kate herself, who I assume is reading this right now whilst on vacation, muttering around a mouthful of takeaway while William tries to keep George from falling into the loch.

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VMAs Fugs and Fabs: Ladies in Black and White

Okay, Lucy Hale’s has pink in it. But it’s so CHEERFUL, so┬áit’s our lead-off hitter. Look at me, dangerously breaking the rules a mere half-hour before the Emmys red carpet starts! It’s bedlam ALREADY! WHAT WILL HAPPEN TOMORROW.

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