Fugger: Holland Roden

MTV VMAs Fug Carpet: The Naked and the Sheers

Or in pizza* terms: It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorNOOOOOOOO.

*For the uninitiated, one day we decided we were tired of talking about sheer clothing and decided to talk about pizza instead. It’s morphed into GFY slang in which “pizza” means “sheer.”

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Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of the “She’s Funny That Way” Premiere

AWESOME: This had been up for two and a half hours before I realized I forgot to write an intro. Well, what could I have said that’s better than WORDS anyway?

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Unfug It Up: Holland Roden

This suffers from a lack of confidence in itself.

holland roden american ultra

It’s as if nobody involved with this outfit at ANY level was totally certain ANY of it was the right way to go. You could peel off the bib, or redesign the neckline to incorporate it more organically. You could take out the horizontal sections of the skirt. You could cut it off where the lining stops, or extend the slip all the way to the hem. You could give her a clutch that doesn’t blend into the rest of it and some more stylish jewelry. You could give her a deeper lip and edgier hair. You could, in fact, try any of those things. I’m shocked it ended in interesting shoes, actually, because THAT’S usually where people give up the hardest, but here it’s as if someone thought, “Well, hell, let’s at least finish strong and maybe they’ll forget the rest,” like if you win a football game 3-0 on a last-second field goal and pray the columnists and fans are so relieved that they ignore how miserable the other 59:59 were. Now, “miserable” is not a word I’d apply to this,  but I WOULD attempt at least one of the aforementioned fixes, if not a few. What would you do? And in related news, do we think she needs to go crazy at the salon and get a choppy short haircut of some kind, just to shake it up a bit? Or is that just what I’m going to do? It’s like every few years I feel the need to cut my hair so that I’m reminded how bad it looks on me, and can then grow it out and safely move forward safely for another few calendar cycles.

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Comic-Con 2015 Fugs and Fabs: Teen Wolf and MTV Events

“You guys, I am SO thankful for all your support — I could not have won Best Tableside Guacamole without you. Keep coming back, though, because I have some tricks planned with garlic salt that are going to blow your minds.”

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Fug Wolf: Holland Roden

She did not look this sour the entire day, but this was just a wonderful marriage of the best view of the outfit, and the facial expression it dearly deserves.

holland roden

In the battle for the worst half of this thing, the bastard child of palazzo pants and culottes is being given a serious, impressive run for its money by Satan’s corset.

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MTV Movie Awards Fugs and Fabs: Everyone Else

Remember when the MTV Movie Awards were, like, a really big deal? Yeah, I fear those years are past. (Or maybe I AM THE THING THAT IS PAST. [In other words, I may just now be too old for them.])