Fugger: Emily Blunt

Well Played: Emily Blunt in Roland Mouret

She really looks like she’s rethinking this:

IWC Gala Dinner In Honour Of The BFI

I can’t think why; she looks delicious. Unless she’s just realized that she REALLY hates Creamsicles and now she looks like their most glamorous spokesperson.

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Well Played: Celebs at the Clooney/Alamuddin Wedding

I cannot believe we were not invited to this event. On top of the fact that Intern George has literally not once ever shown up to work, I am beginning to think he doesn’t even care about us.

PS: For those of you (like me!) dying to see what Amal wore, the non-candid wedding snaps (including, surely, THE GOWN) are exclusive to Vogue* and have not yet popped up for our perusal.  That being said, this collection of photos proves that everyone looks glamorous ON a boat and slightly scared BOARDING a boat, and that Venice is romantic and beautiful. Let’s add it to the Fug Nation Tour of the World.*

*LATE BREAKING: This was a LIE. They’re confirmed exclusive to Hello! and People, which makes way more sense and is also exciting because this means I’ll get them in my mailbox. The dress is allegedly Oscar de la Renta.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News, AKM/GSI, Fame/Flynet]


Well Played, Emily Blunt in Prada

She did three premieres in three countries in one day, so we really should applaud her for being upright. The first premiere, in London, brought us sunny patterned deliciousness. The second, in Paris, brought THE CRAZY. And here, in New York, we’ve got a much needed return to form.

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Fug of Tomorrow: Emily Blunt at the Edge of Tomorrow Paris Premiere

Well. That went downhill fast. This is like the polar opposite of what she wore in London this morning, both in tone and in level of success:

I guess you could argue that the London premiere look is a sort of English Rose thing and this is sort of a….French Dominatrix Locked Overnight in the Secret Factory Where Hefty Experiments With Branching Into Shower Curtains thing? I’m kind of scared of what she might wear to New York tonight, all of a sudden. Hold me.

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Well Played, Emily Blunt in Osman

So, this is kind of fun: Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise premiered Edge of Tomorrow in London this morning, then they’re popping over to Paris to premiere it later today, and then they’re hopping on a plane to make the premiere in New York tonight, doing all three premieres in one day. As stunts go, that’s a pretty good one (and apparently the movie is excellent; I thought the trailer was mediocre at best, but the reviews are great, which…look, he’s a crackpot but Tom Cruise can make a damn good summer movie, so I’m down with this). It also means: two more Emily Blunt looks today alone, which I’m also down for, because she has been looking fabulous of late.

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Well Played, Emily Blunt in Oscar de la Renta

Well, it certainly helps that the background here is spectacular. But the dress is pretty great, too.

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