Fugger: Emily Blunt

Fugs and Fabs: HFPA Grants Banquet

The title of the event was snoozy, but fortunately, Halle Berry may have a Pavlovian reaction to the letters “HFPA” — sponsors of the Golden Globes — and so she busted out something that may have been raised on a nut farm.

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at Dior at Paris Couture Week

Lupita wins, and J Law is ABSENT. What does it mean?

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Well Played, Emily Blunt in Elisabetta Franchi

Emily Blunt makes being Emily Blunt look like the most luxurious freaking picnic.

emily blunt AIS Freeing Voices

I mean, she’s in pants that might be a hair pelvically snug, cinched with a cummerbund that could be encroaching on her stomach’s capacity to feel. And yet somehow none of that matters, because she has this cool, easy Emily Bluntness about her. Also, she’s friends with Matt Damon, so she KNOWS THINGS. I think we invite her to Drinks With Broads, even if she doesn’t wholly qualify. We can just claim we think it’s in her best interests as a professional and as a human person to sip libations at the right hand of Christine Baranski.

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Cannes Fugs and Fabs: Emily Blunt

I wondered aloud the other day to Heather: Has the existence of Emily Blunt rendered Rachel McAdams superfluous? (#NoDisrespecttoReginaGeorge.) DISCUSS.

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Met Gala Mostly Well Played: Emily Blunt in Prada

I do still have an issue with how so many Prada gowns fit at the bust, so I’m holding back on total unreserved praise.

emily blunt met gala met ball

But, to my eyes, this is a nifty way to take two fabrics that are nods to Chinese fashion and give them a modern but still regal spin. She looks great – like, to me, that thing could end up in a costume exhibit of its own someday. Emily Blunt: Possibly A Way More Interesting Dresser Than You Remember, coming to the V&A in forty years. See you there. I’ll be the one gesturing wildly at pushy young whippersnappers with the tip of my cane.

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Fug or Fab: Emily Blunt in Alexander McQueen

I am not entirely sure what’s happening here:

emily blunt

At first I thought she was wearing a glamorously weird McQueen take on a caftan, but actually, the gown seems more fitted than that, so… she might just be wearing a glamorously weird McQueen, full-stop. It has a sleeve that thinks it might be a cape. Still… even if it’s not floaty enough to hide my snack bloat, I could TOTALLY swan around in that on someone’s yacht deck by night, a flute in one hand — of Champers, not of musicality — and a plate stacked high with cheese in the other. There’s something appealingly luxe about its kookitude, like this isn’t just an outfit but a lifestyle.

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