Fugger: Emily Blunt

Met Gala Fugs and Fabs: The Pregnant Ladies

I realized we hadn’t covered these three yet, so why not put them together? For your future babies’ pianos, ladies.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of The Huntsman Premiere

Let’s just take a moment for The Third Hemsworth. He is not in this movie, but he DID attend the premiere, and HOW did I not notice that he too is a dish best served always? He reminds me of Simon Baker back in his heyday. This gene pool seriously produced a neapolitan ice-cream box of hotness. You have hulking hunky Thor hot; teen-dream demi-himbo hot; and then now, the “I’ve Got Very Piercing Eyes And I’m Probably a Very Competent Trial Lawyer Despite My Unconventional Methods But Just Go With It Because My Impish Charm Will Totally Knock Off Your Pants Soon” kind of hot. Have The Parents Hemsworth been knighted yet for excellence in breeding? I realize Australia doesn’t tend to knight people, but surely exceptions can be made.

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The Huntsfug: Winter’s Whatever

I am glad they’re having a a good time. I like BOTH of these people very much:

"The Huntsman: Winter's War" - Photocall

But are they under some kind of magic spell that sucks all the color out of their wardrobes? Can’t anyone do anything about this? Isn’t there SOMEONE we can call? Does Ghostbusters handle this?

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Fugs or Fabs: The Huntsman Premieres

When do we get to talk about my ENORMOUS surprise that anyone wanted another one of these? I feel like that meeting went thusly: “Chris Hemsworth is hot. PAYCHECKS FOR EVERYONE.” Shoot, now I wish I’d been involved at that meeting.

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Oscars Well Played, Emily Blunt in Prada

This might be one of the first looks from this particular Prada line that I really respond to:


It might be because this is very flattering to her pregnant bod — occasionally, this particular Prada line veers a little twee, but this is charming on her, and the simple bodice insures that the focus remains on her face. My only note is that it could have used a dash of Krasinski. But what couldn’t?

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Fugcario: Emily Blunt in Elie Saab

Emily Blunt has a secret.

emily blunt national board of review 2016

And it’s that she stole Ma’s curtains.

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Well Played, Emily Blunt in Lela Rose

Leaving aside my general notion that this dress might be better suited for a party in, say, June than one in December, I think she looks smashing in this:


Is it the combo of metallics, pleats, and a good red lip — three things I cannot resist? — or have my eyes just gotten weary from all the CRAAAAZY end of the year slides we’re prepping? Good question, but I think she gets at least HALF credit for this all on her own.

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