Fugger: Christina Ricci

Met Ball Fug or Fab: Christina Ricci

I am distraught that none of our photo services had a shot of the back of this that we could use, because it was AMAZBALLS (AmazMetBalls?).  It was a Butt Bow so TREMENDOUS and MAJESTIC that someone should write a children’s book about it (Maurice Sendak, RIP) and call it The Amazing Adventures of Butt Bow: Butt Bow Goes to the Ball. (AHAH! Here is a shot of it.)

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BAFTA etc Well Played, Christina Ricci

Now that Pan Am is dead — although popping up on DVRs at random times all over America lately — Christina Ricci is right to get out there and pound the pavement for a new gig:

Double smart of her to pound said pavement looking pretty dishy, too.  She looked decent at the Elle Style Awards, too.

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Met Ball Fug Carpet: Christina Ricci


The B.P. oil spill wasn’t that long ago. IT’S TOO SOON.


The Fuggams Family

Christina looks so great from the neck up that I hate to be a persnickety cow here.

Christina Ricci

But when your dress looks like a combination of a Photoshop experiment and and the X Marks The Spot portion of a treasure map, it’s a good rule of thumb to take it off and run the other direction. Unless there really is gold coin buried in your chest. Although frankly, I’d run away in that case, too. To Tahiti.


Well Played, Christina Ricci AND The Fug Storm

Christina Ricci attended two events last night, wearing two totally different outfits. There was this one:

Adorable, no? I love it. If only she were actually wearing a teeny, tiny red pointy dunce cap — an accessory which truly adds to any outfit, I think we all agree.

I, in fact, would pay good money to see said theoretical cap paired with her OTHER look of the evening:

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Fug Racer

Bold move, Ricci:

[Photo: Splash News]

Bold, and UNWISE. What IS this? Because it can not be what it appears to be: that you stuck your arms haphazardly through Captain Hook’s pirate hat, then shoved it down until it covered most of your nipples; then paired it with some lingerie sewn to a skirt made from the sheddings of your dog. IT CAN NOT ACTUALLY BE THAT. Right?


Fug or Fab: Christina Ricci and Mandy Moore

MANDY: What, what?
MANDY: Maybe you’re just small. 
CHRISTINA: Maybe, Gargantua, but you are TALL. You are a tall drink of water. Except you’re wearing black, so I guess that’d be unfiltered water.
MANDY: Your dress interests me. It’s very graceful and interesting, and yet it also looks like my bathtub after a shower, with all the hairs that fell out of my head lying tangled on the porcelain.
CHRISTINA: Poetic, Luke Skyscraper. And yours kind of looks like a cross between Angelina Jolie and Mary-Kate Olsen. With a dash of nightgown. I don’t know what to think.
MANDY: I think, somehow, we might BOTH be rocking it.
CHRISTINA: You might be right, Tallda Swinton.
MANDY: Okay, enough with the names, I get it. I’m tall.
CHRISTINA: Seriously. Your legs START practically at my boobs!
MANDY: Let’s just throw this to the poll and call it a night.