Fugger: Christina Ricci

Met Gala Well Played, Christina Ricci

It turns out I almost always like what Christina Ricci wears to the Met Gala – even when it’s cracked out:

And this is no different. This event seems like the very best time to trot out that Vivienne Westwood dress that looks very slightly as if its former life involved being an awesome set of curtains in a very rich man’s very over-the-top library, until it decided to mate with a can-can girl and run off to New York to make its fortune. (That’s a compliment: I love libraries, New York, the can-can, AND fortunes.)

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Fugs, Fabs and Fines: HBO’s In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye Screening

Every time I see the iconic Vogue hedge-maze backdrop, I am soothed. No matter what anyone is wearing, at least SOMETHING will be tasteful.

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Fugs and Fabs: the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards

Some of these are more successful than others. I love the Vogue Wall of Bushes behind everyone though. First of all, it’s an elegant backdrop for arrival pictures and you know that’s one of the reasons Vogue always uses it.  Second,  I like to imagine that Anna makes every celebrity compete in a mini Triwizard Tournament to get to the open bar, and this is the hedge maze portion of the evening.

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Met Ball Fug or Fab: Christina Ricci

I am distraught that none of our photo services had a shot of the back of this that we could use, because it was AMAZBALLS (AmazMetBalls?).  It was a Butt Bow so TREMENDOUS and MAJESTIC that someone should write a children’s book about it (Maurice Sendak, RIP) and call it The Amazing Adventures of Butt Bow: Butt Bow Goes to the Ball. (AHAH! Here is a shot of it.)

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BAFTA etc Well Played, Christina Ricci

Now that Pan Am is dead — although popping up on DVRs at random times all over America lately — Christina Ricci is right to get out there and pound the pavement for a new gig:

Double smart of her to pound said pavement looking pretty dishy, too.  She looked decent at the Elle Style Awards, too.

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Met Ball Fug Carpet: Christina Ricci


The B.P. oil spill wasn’t that long ago. IT’S TOO SOON.


The Fuggams Family

Christina looks so great from the neck up that I hate to be a persnickety cow here.

Christina Ricci

But when your dress looks like a combination of a Photoshop experiment and and the X Marks The Spot portion of a treasure map, it’s a good rule of thumb to take it off and run the other direction. Unless there really is gold coin buried in your chest. Although frankly, I’d run away in that case, too. To Tahiti.