Fugger: Bridget Moynahan

Fugshion Week Fugs and Fabs: Assorted People We Saw

Not as many doozies as we would like. What is the world coming to?

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“Sum Of All Fug” Update: Still Fugly

Just in case anyone was losing sleep over whether Bridget Moynihan grew out her terrible haircut, the answer is… no.

Such a pretty girl, all fugged up by a pair of scissors and some razor blades. And yet, those chiseled features, those hard lines, that oddly shaped mouth, that hair that looks like a trampled wig grabbed from the floor of Aah’s! during a seasonal sale…

Are we sure she’s not a drag queen? It would clear up all those pesky “Tom Brady is gay” rumors — you know, the ones that dogged her pretty-boy quarterback boyfriend even before his brief fling with Tara Reid, America’s Fugliest Silicone Beard.


The Sum Of All Fug

Bridget Moynihan’s new haircut makes her virtually unrecognizable:

So harsh. So severe. So hell-bent on accentuating the pointy. Why, Bridget? Why? And has dating a football player resulted in you having the neck of a linebacker, or was that always the case and we just never noticed?

That same “Why, oh why?” question could be posed with regard to the satin pajamas she is wearing. They’re very Dinner and Dancing at the Palm Beach Yacht Club With The Bridge Ladies.