Fugger: Becki Newton

Fugs and Fabs: The FOX TCA Party

FOX has so many TV stars and so many of them are attractive. Thank you, FOX. PS: Diane Kruger is wearing an outfit that confounds the boundaries of space and time, just so you know.

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FOX Upfronts Fugs, Fabs, and a Brief Blurb of TRUTH, Y’ALL

It turns out that FOX has put together a fall slate full of people I actually really like. Huh. That hardly ever happens. LET’S LOOK AT ‘EM.



Fug Bites

Dear Becki Newton,

You know who else doesn’t wear pants? LINDSAY LOHAN.



PS: The pilot you’re in that NBC picked for for next fall looks cute. I’m glad you’re working even if you are running about town in a long tank and a jacket.

PPS: Seriously, though, think about what I said, okay? Thanks!


Fug or Fab: Becki Newton

I’m so pleased that Becki Newton here got another job so quickly after the news broke that Ugly Betty had been canceled. She was so funny on that show, and in my (limited) personal (not very personal) interaction with her, she is awesome. To wit: a couple of years ago, Heather and I were invited to a very fun event at Club Monaco in Beverly Hills — there was shopping and snacks — and Becki Newton was the only celeb there who was both shopping AND eating. I totally remember her saying something to us in passing — the way you do to random strangers in a store if you’re a nice, chatty person — like, “Oh my god, someone just brought me grilled cheese in the dressing room! This is awesome,” and then wondering why people weren’t trying more things on. In short, she seems like a totally funny, fun, normal girl. She had no reason to be charming to US, she just was. So I give her thumbs up.

But what about this outfit?

In the thumbnail view, I thought she was Kate Hudson. Whether that’s good or not may depend on how you feel about Kate Hudson.


Becki Newtfug

Becki Newton is so cute and fresh-faced.

So it’s a shame that her bodice reminds me of nothing so much but this:

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Ugly Fugty

I’m not one of those people who thinks you have to wear makeup to look fabulous, and we’ve certainly made our fair share of comments about Kelly Osbourne’s history of painting her face into a borderline ghoulish kabuki mask. So I’m not some crazy slap peddler. But what does confuse me is the trend of wearing a ton of makeup so that it looks like you’re wearing none. Observe:

The pearl-necklace dress, I find sort of amusing; the shoes, I desire greatly. But whenever I look at Becki Newton’s otherwise adorable face here, it’s as if her lips blend right in with the rest of it — I kept wondering if they were chapped, maybe, and she’d just slathered them with Carmex, or wiped them really hard with a napkin after dinner. And then I saw a close-up:

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Fugly Betty

On one hand, Becki Newton is about as cute as a button, I love this color on her, and we all know how I feel about sequins

But on the other hand, as I was writing this piece, I realized that this might not be a dress. It might be…an uber-low-crotched jumpsuit. I KNOW. And I couldn’t tell for AGES. But here’s the evidence:

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