Fugger: Anna Torv

Emmy Awards Unfug It Up: Anna Torv

I just don’t know:

I like the bodice, but the rest of it is just confusing to me. It’s like a mini-mullet, and it weirdly makes her look like her feet are emerging from a place where they couldn’t possibly be connected to the rest of her body. Is this the sort of thing that happens on Fringe? (I know: I couldn’t watch it because it conflicted with some other stuff and now I feel like I’ll never be able to follow it, even though Pacey.) Personally, I think I’d fix this by making the opening in the front more of a demure slit, and less of a theatrical curtain — I think that would fix the wonky proportionality we’ve got going on there (Wonky Proportionality is also the name of my band. We do a lot of experimental jazz.). What would you to do Unfug this? If you even think it needs unfugging, of course. I don’t know your life.


Fug or Fab: Anna Torv

This isn’t really bad to me, so much as it is random.

Was the waist-slash really all the designer could think of? Or was the otherwise lovely Anna Torv just REALLY excited about all the work she’d put into that one quadrant of her abs?

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