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NY Fug.com: The Best, Worst and Most Diva-Ish Looks from the Oscars

In which we do our annual Red Carpet Superlatives! Including:

We would make a crack about Bette’s clingy, stunning Reem Acra being the wind beneath her wings, but frankly, we’re better than that…. Wait, no we’re not, at all. It totally is the wind beneath her wings.

Read all of it at The Cut! So much more EXHAUSTIVE and in-depth coverage starting very soon here on GFY.


New York Fugshion Week: Day Five Celebs

Today was the day I marched around with a curling iron burn mark on my FACE, because I am that cool.

We were standing so close to Solange at Milly that our hair may have started a conversation, but we chickened out of doing it ourselves.

Debra Messing seemed to be having a great time at Dennis Basso, but she might want to be careful about shouting out her phone number. One never knows who’s listening.

The Carolina Herrera show began with us entering through a Hall of Men. No, really. We assume Dita Von Teese didn’t enter that way because that’s what she does every other day of her life.

We feared for our lives at Alice + Olivia.

Hugh Jackman is pretty damn delicious in person. Thank you, Donna Karan. Plus: bonus Katie Holmes sighting.


NYFug.com: Grammys Superlatives

We covered some of the snazziest — and not! — looks from last night’s Grammys for The Cut:

“It’s not that we particularly like Sara Bareilles’s molting Blumarine mullet dress; we don’t. But the more egregious offense may be her gnarled braided updo, which makes her look one Jell-O shot in Cancun away from getting a really dumb tattoo someplace she can’t hide.”

Read the rest of it here! And stay tuned here at GFY for Grammys coverage all day long.


NY Fug.com: The Best, Worst, & Kookiest at the 2014 SAG Awards

Because it’s awards season, baby. Plus coverage all day today AND tomorrow, even though it’s a holiday. We do it all for you. In our sweatpants, but still. ANYWAY, including such items as:

“We’re tickled by how visibly giddy Kerry Washington has been now that she’s not hiding her pregnancy, and we understand wanting to be playful. But this custom Prada is a disaster — like she’s practicing for motherhood by wearing an extremely fancy bib and a splatter-proof drop cloth. Olivia Pope would’ve locked her in the basement.”

Read the whole dang thing over at The Cut!


NY Fug.com: Best and Worst of the Golden Globes Red Carpet (Kinda)

More like, the most interesting of the red carpet. For example:

“We love how much Sandra Bullock has spun the color wheel lately, but this looks like the decor at a baby shower where nobody knows the kid’s gender yet and they’re kind of annoyed about it.”

For more sassy short-takes, check out our piece at The Cut! And if you didn’t watch the red carpet yesterday, feel free to read (or revisit) our liveblog!


NY Fug.com: The Best, Worst, & Sheerest Fashion Moments of 2013

It’s time for our annual round-up of the best and worst red carpet looks of the entire year. Including:

” Biggie and Tupac might concur with [Miley's] “PLEASE STOP” message, because surely they’re rolling in their respective graves over being resurrected on her ass, and somewhere in 1996, Gwen Stefani is real pissed someone stole her signature look.”

Check out all our picks — good, bad, ugly, and uglier — over on The Cut!