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Fug the Show: Outlander recap, S2 E7, “Faith”

I’ve chosen the most benign, non-spoilery cover photo, just in case anyone is trying to scroll past this quickly without seeing what happened. But if you know already… dudes, this episode was all pain. It was SO SAD. It was like putting your heart in a Salad Shooter.

Luckily, there is Terry Dresbach. She did a whole entry on how Claire’s marvelous cape from last week was based on a Balenciaga. Saks also did windows with the costumes in them, so Dresbach posted copious photos of the moving process, which is just a magnificent treat. She even discusses how they solved the issue of getting period-proper mannequins and shared construction pictures, including close-ups of the “wigs” they made. Her blog is A TREASURE. I just love that she and hers documented so much of this. Please, please treat yourselves.


Fug the Show: Nashville, S4 E20, “It’s Sure Gonna Hurt”

In which our three central couples move their emotional chess pieces a little, and Layla gets REALLY plotty.


Fug the Show: Outlander recap, S2 E6, “Best Laid Schemes”

I’m not sure ANY scheme of Jamie’s and Claire’s is truly “best laid,” but whatever. The episode titles are allowed to be optimistic. We’ve got medical drama, fake medical drama, and then the end of the hour may imperil Claire’s efforts to keep Frank alive. In spectacularly direct fashion.

Also, definitely check out Terry Dresbach’s blog entry about Claire’s stunning floral gown from last week’s Versailles shindig, as well as some other delicious close-ups of patterns.

Spoiler policy: As usual, please limit discussion of the books to events that have already transpired on the series. Thanks!


Fug the Show: Nashville, S4 E19, “After You’ve Gone”

Poor, cancelled Nashville. The pitch from the former thirtysomething show-runners that they’d hired must have been weak. BUT, we shall stick it out until the miserable, bitter end anyway, in the hopes that they saw The End coming and saw fit to let Juliette win the day.


Fug the Show: Thoughts on The Good Wife’s Series Finale


* SPOILER NOTE: I’ll restrict any specifics to after the jump, so that scroll-by readers who haven’t seen the finale aren’t accidentally tipped off.

We started recapping The Good Wife here in season six. Late in the game, yes, but at first it was simply a show we loved to watch. Then it was a show whose business-casual clothes we devoured. Then it sagged, and it was the fifth season’s rebound that pushed us optimistically into covering it here; we thought it would be fun to discuss and fun to ogle. For a time, it was. But in season seven we slowly stopped, exhausted when the well felt poisoned again. And last night, it officially ran dry — somehow both prematurely and not a moment too soon.

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Fug the Show: Outlander recap, S2 E5, “Untimely Resurrection”

This week, we get A Face From The Past, as well as more questions from me on Claire’s concept of the timeline. And fighting. And a kilt. But no muscled thighs. And from Terry Dresbach, we get BOOTS. She did a whole post on the marvelous footwear she made for Jamie. * As usual, please refrain from discussing the books, unless it’s to spotlight something that’s already happened in a non-spoilery way — as in, ways the show has deviated.


Fug the Show: Nashville recap, S4 E18, “The Trouble With The Truth”

In this episode, Juliette finally gets out of her own way, while Deacon is unable to do the same. And I go on a rant about how this TOTALLY would not be the time Oscar nominations are coming out, because I am nothing if not someone who gets hung up on minutiae.