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Fug the Show: Nashville recap, S4 E18, “The Trouble With The Truth”

In this episode, Juliette finally gets out of her own way, while Deacon is unable to do the same. And I go on a rant about how this TOTALLY would not be the time Oscar nominations are coming out, because I am nothing if not someone who gets hung up on minutiae.


Fug the Show: Outlander recap, S2 E4, “La Dame Blanche”

You don’t need to bother with the recaps to be curious about the costuming, and in that regard Terry Dresbach is your new favorite human. I’m going to use this space to highlight the pieces she’s produced since the last airing that pertain to the costumes herein, and also some from last week. I urge you to take a look even if you’ve never watched a frame of the show, because the photographs are astonishing.  If you are into minutiae — and I am sure most of you are — then you can’t miss the post which zeroes in on things like the stomachers of all these fabulous French gowns Dresbach’s team is constructing. It’s even called “Frills, Furbelows, and Bows.” Anyone who uses the word “furbelow” is a friend of this site. – Since my last recap, she put up a GLORIOUS array of full-length and details shots of Louise’s flowered gown from Versailles, with some analysis of how pivotal it was to nail this time and place through the clothes: “[W]e knew that we were going to play this time travel note with Claire. The ONLY way that works is if the world around her is very, very true to the period. [...] Of course you can never be truly authentic. There is no way to make thousands of garments by hand, in the time we have. We can’t use actual 18th century materials… But I did not want to present a contemporary view of history. As I say over and over, ‘History is pretty good, just as it is! It needs no help from us.’” 

– She highlighted what she calls “Posh Jamie,” namely, all the waistcoasts they’ve produced for Sam Heughan. They even make the buttons themselves. I love this part: “There’s something about a man so confident in his sexuality that he is not threatened by decoration. That men’s clothing has to be stripped bare, or it MEANS SOMETHING (gasp), is such a conceit of a later time, and an attitude that I think is very narrow and less progressive than earlier times. Again, we think we are so advanced compared to earlier periods of history. We had a recent discussion on Twitter about how restrictive corsets were to women, but once I posted pictures of Victoria Secret pushup bras, the discussion expanded.”

– Oh, and this post about Jamie is A LOT of shots of Sam smoldering. You may need a moment. And a fainting couch.


Fug the Show: Nashville recap, “Baby Come Home” (S2 E17)

Much tongue is deployed in this episode, and I’m not sure how much of it will make any of you happy.


Fug the Show: Outlander recaps, “Not in Scotland Anymore” and “Useful Occupations and Deceptions” (S2 E2 and E3)

This is long, I know — it’s two episodes rolled together — but there is LOTS of eye candy thanks to the costuming. Not just That Red Dress, but also the nippletastic gown an extra wears at Versailles, a wet wig, and a great robe. Also, there are dildos. They appear on slide nine, and they’re not in USE or anything, but they are there — so blow past… er, shoot past… oh, never mind. Skip it if you need. They are intricate dildos, and we appreciate intricacy in all its forms, but I understand that not everyone’s workplaces will value an artistic sexual aid.

You should know that Terry Dresbach has been posting some amazing content pertaining to her Outlander work, beginning with this analysis of what they did in episode one (our recap lives here) and an extensive Mood Board for the whole season. Her piece about these episodes links a particular costume to a Christian Dior design of the 1940s, with this nifty analysis: “In season two Claire has made the choice not to go back to the 1940s. [...] There is a commitment to a time a place and a marriage. She is committing to remaining in a time that is not hers. But the heart of the story is still Claire, and how she maintains that heart in another century. This is not the story of the woman who gives up her identity easily. So it seemed essential that once again we look back to the 1940s for our inspiration.” This stuff really appeals to the side of me that did so much historical research for our alternate Royal We family tree.

As usual: If you’ve read the books, please refrain from discussing events that are coming. Events that have already transpired, and the differences in how they’re portrayed, are totally fair game as long as they don’t tip what’s coming. Thank you!


Fug the Show: Nashville recap, S4 E16, “Didn’t Expect It To Go Down Like This”

Surprise! My jet lag is not bad, so I was able to bang out this recap in advance of tomorrow’s new episode. Juliette Barnes’s hair has never looked better; Layla Grant’s has never looked worse. If Avery judges by that, then this love triangle will be over before it starts. (That’s not a spoiler, by the way. The love triangle is still speculative.)


Fug the Show: Nashville recap, S4 E15, “When There’s A Fire In Your Heart”

We get songs this week by Maddie and Juliette, the latter of which, yes, wrote it in like three minutes and had it arranged and everything. Elsewhere, Alicia Witt is conniving, Layla tees up some emotional blackmail, and Rayna is kind of the worst again, a bit.

Programming note: We are overseas next week, still posting here obviously but with VERY slim odds of being able to stream the episode. So the next Nashville recap will probably cover episodes 16 and 17 together, and run the week of April 25. DO NOT PANIC. I will be back, and won’t forsake you.


Fug the Show: Outlander Season Two Premiere Recap

Well. The show Vulture lauded for having the best sex on television came back from a break… with no sex. But I will bring you the one shirtless glimpse we got, plus some smoldering, gorgeous landscapes, a kilt, tears, and EVIL. And we’ll hope for some loins next week.

** A note about spoilers: Since a lot of people watch the show but not the books, things in those novels could be considered spoilers, so let’s make the comments a Safe Zone and refrain from previewing anything specific that’s coming. In other words, you are welcome to discuss the places the series has already diverged from the books, but please try not to discuss things that are upcoming. Thank you!

Speaking of next week: I know it’s not the best foot to get off on here, but Jessica and I will be traveling abroad for two airings of the show and I don’t expect I’ll be able to stream it over there. This means the episode 2 recap will likely have to wait and then fold into the one for Episode 3, which I can run on GFY the week of April 25. In other words, don’t give up on me just because I disappear on you briefly.

And while we’re on a housekeeping note: The Fug Madness winner announcement is coming. I know we’re all aware who won, but given the relative anticlimax of it all, it felt wrong to announce it without “One Fugging Moment.” And regrettably, our in-house editor and master of visual hijinks was working essentially 24/7 at his actual paying job and couldn’t cut together our contest-ending montage. HOWEVER, I have it on good authority that he’s working on it RIGHT NOW as I type, so. That’s still coming, I promise.