Fug File: Candids

Fug the Candid: Rita Ora at LAX

Honey. No.

The flight to New York’s only five hours. You have got to get a grip.

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Fug the Candid: Khloe Kardashian

I read a headline about this look over the weekend at some point — “Khloe Kardashian Stuns In Thigh-High Boots,” or some such — and I am sure I just scrolled past it and thought, “Eh, you’ve seen one pair of thigh-high boots, you’ve seen them all.”

What they should have said was, “Khloe Kardashian — The Only One You Really Like! — Stuns in Denim Diapers (But At Least Her Hair Looks Great).”

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Victorian Fuggerday; Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Frankenstein

THIS is exactly why we started posting on Saturdays. The odd photo that we can’t resist sharing but which is technically totally off topic:

BEHOLD. Harry Potter in a top hat.* ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND.

*Of course, he is in costume for Frankenstein, but in my imagination, he will eventually decide that he needs to rock the Victorian gear and top hat in his daily life. And all his friends will be like, “dude,” and he’ll be like, “you don’t know my journey!” and they’ll be like, “I guess that’s true.”

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Casual Fuggerday: Ed Westwick

Oh god, you guys:

Chuck Bass is NOT taking Blair Waldorf marrying Seth Cohen well at all.

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Who Fugged It More: Katy Perry vs Nicole Scherzinger

These two aren’t wearing the same thing, but both DID change from their BRIT Awards ensembles into something vaguely dated and belly-baring. And the Olympics are ending and football season is over, so it’s the time to go crazy.

I’m sure Katy Perry is tired of dressing like something that popped out of a candy factory, but you can clean it up and class it up and still look youthful, which this does not. If this had been a whole dress, maybe it would’ve worked better for me, but something about splitting it into pieces only emphasizes the musty cut of the top. It makes the sheerness of the skirt bottom look even more desperate — not for eyeballs, necessarily, but as a last-ditch attempt to bring this into today.

Nicole Scherzinger, who in this picture looks kind of like The Mean Kardashian, also went two-piece:

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Casual Fuggerday: Coats Coats Coats

I miss chilly New York already, although it’s a HUGE money-savings to live in LA because I can’t indulge my outerwear fetish.

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