Casual Fuggerday: Shailene’s New Hair

So, after bobbing herself for charity, Shailene Woodley chopped her hair even shorter to film The Fault in our Stars.

If you know the book, does this feel like Hazel Grace to you? That is not a judgment; I’m just curious. I think Shailene can pull off pretty much anything, but I’m very intrigued to see it in action on film. The CHOICE of cut (possibly not her own choice, either) feels a TINY bit dated to me, like when you go back and watch Happy Gilmore and see what Julie Bowen’s head-suit was doing and you think, “Hot damn, that is one scary time capsule.” Or basically any of Donna Martin’s cuts from college, or early Melrose Place… mistakes were made.

That said, I don’t actually care what Hazel Grace’s hair does in the movie as long as the film itself does the book justice. I just thought we might need something to talk about this fine Saturday to distract us from whatever Notre Dame is doing on the football field because I have a bad feeling about this and oh, God, there are going to be interceptions, so many turnovers, I’m so excited I’m so excited I’M SO SCARED.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

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  1.  HelenBackAgain

    I have not read the book, but I have had this exact haircut, in 1979.

    It looks easy to wear, but it was a royal pain in the ass. The entire head had to be thoroughly styled every day or it’d stick out in weird places at the back and sides. It took so long I had to wake up extra early to do it. If it got damp in the rain (I lived in New England, so that was a common occurrence), it’d form airplane wings on the sides.

    All I can think about, seeing it now, is how very much work it was, and how rarely it looked really good after that one time in the stylist’s chair.

    • LoriK


      If Shailene had asked me I would have advised her against this cut for this exact reason. It lures you in with it’s cuteness and then drives you nuts until it grows out, which feels like it takes for ever. iI hope it behaves better for her than it did for me.

    • witjunkie

      Oh god, so did I. I wanted a Dorothy Hamil, but got this. And I was in 7th grade and didn’t know the first thing about styling my own hair. It was awful. Awful. And except for a tragic misunderstanding about 10 years ago, my hair has never, and will never, be that short again. Seriously, I was traumatized.

    • Claire1

      That’s how I feel about every short hair cut I’ve ever had….

  2. Jessica

    I read the other day that she said she wished she could have gone even SHORTER, but she didn’t know if “they’d let [her].” So I think it might go even more shorn. I think she can carry it shorter if they do.

    • Kara

      I think she’d rock a pixie. This is sort of an in-between cut. Too polished somehow, for me. A bit matronly.

  3.  AJ

    I pictured Hazel’s hair as kind of Bieber shag-ish when I read the book, but seeing this now I think it works for the character.

    Also, investment tip: Buy stock in Kleenex before this movie hits theaters. If it’s anything like the book, I’m just going to go ahead and start preemptively crying now.

  4.  TaraMisu

    Ok so I’m off to download this book to my Kindle…..

  5. Claire Marie Winters

    I think it’s perfect. Maybe a little different than I had pictured, but seeing it really starts to bring the character to life for me.

  6. Robin

    I had that in 1983. It was the “Princess Diana.” I imagine she’ll grow that back out to something less dated and more gorgeous as soon as she can.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Diana’s was longer, especially at the sides. It varied some from one trim to another (at one point, when it was much longer in the back, even being a real mullet), but consistently covered her ears.

  7. Gretchen

    I hope she doesn’t get hit by that truck!

  8. Lizzie

    I love the ‘Jessie Spano freaking out about caffeine pills’ reference at the end :)

  9.  NerfHerdersAbroad

    @GFYHeather, I know exactly what you mean.

    I’ve been distracting myself from the game by cleaning the flat ALL DAY. It’s never been so clean. Last year ND was so, so good, and I’m afraid we are going to really struggle this year. (Of course, I do a lot of hand-wringing thinking that we’ll struggle every year.)


  10. Kate

    That’s not at all what Hazel looked like to me. I’m scared; I can’t imagine the movie doing that book justice.

  11. Christine

    I had pictured Hazel Grace’s hair a little shorter, choppier, and messier. But… Shailene should be a great Hazel!

  12. Heidi

    My Clemson Tigers are hosting Gameday today, and my nails are down to the nub! Hoping for a win, but even more, just a solid showing. More beer for all!

    • Heidi

      Also: Shailene always strikes me as having such a matronly style. Most of what she wears would be appropriate for me, at an ancient 34, and unfortunately, this haircut really reinforced that. I could wear this outfit, and would have hipper hair. There’s a gigantic age-appropriate gray area between this and Miley.

  13. Al

    I was really nervous about this casting, but after seeing the Descendants, I’m not worried at all. She looks very much like the character to me. I agree with those who have said that I expected the hair to be a little bit shorter, more like a pixie cut. But I actually think this looks less-stylish than a pixie would have so I kind of like this better.

  14. Maria L.

    Can’t comment on the relevance to the book character, but this do makes her look like a soccer mom. It really ages her. I think she could work a cute pixie just fine, but this style is dated meh….

  15. izzyb

    Maria L. you stole the words right out of my mouth: soccer mom. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing attractive about this cut and it ages her. If I were her, I would have insisted on a wig.

  16. Joy Holder Northrop

    I can totally see her as Hazel Grace.

  17. Giulia

    Augustus describes Hazel as a Natalie Portman lookalike circa “V for Vendetta”, but Hazel is much more than her physical appearance. I say yes.

  18. jean

    I loved the book but I have no visual of Hazel at all. Zip. It’s not one of John Green’s things really, which I appreciate. She’s sickly (don’t want to spoil people, but it’s on the book jacket) and doesn’t especially care about her looks, so this works.

    Did anyone see Dakota Fanning in Now is Good based on the novel As I Die? She wore a pixie wig that totally did NOT suit her. She looked and sounded like a young Kate Winslet. She’s quite good in the movie and I thought her accent was solid (I’m not fussy if it’s consistent). Lovely, lovely little film that respected the source material without being a slave to it (such as wisely changing the title).

  19. jean

    Um I guess my point is, way to go Shailene for fully committing to Hazel by doing the cut and I hope she goes shorter. Buzz short. Be a bad-ass girlfriend! Especially while you have that glorious skin.

  20. Jasmine

    She looks like she can do a good Hazel, but that hair looks REALLY dated.

  21. LB

    I have my own picture of Hazel and this isn’t quite it. I honestly don’t think I could go to this movie. The book is so, so good and Augustus is the best guy ever but I bawled my eyes out on a public beach while reading it. I don’t want to do it again in a theatre.

  22. OnTheCouch

    Nothing at all what I had imagined, but at this point I’m so impressed with Shailene that I believe she can make anything work.

  23. OnTheCouch

    Ugh. Can’t believe I typed “Nothing at all what I had imagined.” I’m sorry, English language, for mangling you so.

  24. Antof9

    Um. No comments on the mason jar and wheat germ?

  25. April Lindner

    I think it’s cute, and its sassiness fits the character, which is basically all that matters.

  26. Eirwen

    The Julie Bowen link doesn’t work.

  27. Nicole

    As I seriously just re-read the book today, I can tell you it says pixie more than once, so I kind of hate how swingy this is. It just seems too fussy for Hazel. Regardless of the semantics of pixie or not, I just feel like Hazel would have “no work” hair – shorter, choppier, messier – doesn’t need a blow dryer or a comb/brush. The kind where you can kind of wet your hands, rub your head, make sure nothing is sticking straight out and go “okay, I’m good.”

  28. Christine

    In the book, Hazel doesn’t really consider her own attractiveness or lack thereof a lot, but she thinks she has “chipmunk cheeks” that are enhanced by the fact that her hair is short because of chemo. As the poster upthread mentioned, Gus thinks Hazel is “Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta” levels of hot (but then since he is an awesome boyfriend, he is allowed to exaggerate what he thinks of the girl he’s head over heels for)– however, since he specifically name-checked that, I always assumed Hazel’s haircut was a very gamine, pixie look.

    Shailene’s hair seems longer but I think it will come down to whether she can give Hazel’s personality its due.

  29. Meghan

    I feel old. I have no idea who this person is or what book Hazel is in. On my way home from work I may just have to yell at some young wippersnapper for driving too fast. And they should probably pull up their pants.

  30. MelissaW

    I actually like her hair – I’ve had a lot of teenager-y girls in the store this summer and a number of them had bobs like this, some a little shorter or a little longer. I think maybe this could have gone a bit shorter, she’s got a great face and can pull of anything. This cut also makes her look a great deal like Esther, the girl on whom JG based Hazel.