So, after bobbing herself for charity, Shailene Woodley chopped her hair even shorter to film The Fault in our Stars.

If you know the book, does this feel like Hazel Grace to you? That is not a judgment; I’m just curious. I think Shailene can pull off pretty much anything, but I’m very intrigued to see it in action on film. The CHOICE of cut (possibly not her own choice, either) feels a TINY bit dated to me, like when you go back and watch Happy Gilmore and see what Julie Bowen’s head-suit was doing and you think, “Hot damn, that is one scary time capsule.” Or basically any of Donna Martin’s cuts from college, or early Melrose Place… mistakes were made.

That said, I don’t actually care what Hazel Grace’s hair does in the movie as long as the film itself does the book justice. I just thought we might need something to talk about this fine Saturday to distract us from whatever Notre Dame is doing on the football field because I have a bad feeling about this and oh, God, there are going to be interceptions, so many turnovers, I’m so excited I’m so excited I’M SO SCARED.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]