Happy Labor Day Weekend, Americans! I hope it’s full of delicious cocktails and fabulous BBQ. We will be posting our usual Casual Fuggerday posts tomorrow — don’t forget to check GFY on the weekends now, for a dose of celebrity candids madness — but otherwise , we will return with regular postings on TUESDAY. Until then:

– A reminder that our annual Summer Red Carpet Report Card is up at The Cut. Who nailed their press junkets this year? Find out! (The Cut)

Josh Jackson — I’m sorry, PACEY — has a new job! On Showtime, about cowboys, and also starring Dominic West, so let’s at least hope for some partial nudity from someone. (Lainey)

Jackie Collins does a dramatic reading of Cher’s latest. A WORLD OF YES. (Idolator)

– There’s a Royal Wedding in Monaco this weekend  — it’s going to be private, so boring for us, but let’s celebrate by looking at all these Well Dressed Royal Ladies. (Socialite Life)

– This interview with X-Files creator Chris Carter is interesting, thoughtful, and involves Mulder and Scully in a Cialis ad. (Vulture)

– I tweeted about the awesome Tumblr Sassy Scans a few weeks ago, now read this interview with its founder. (LAist)

– It’s the 100th birthday of the face of Buckingham Palace — the actual face of the building, not, like, her Majesty — and this is a very interesting look back at the building’s history. (Royal Collection Trust)

– Speaking of, there are some pretty strong rumors that Andrew and Fergie might get REMARRIED. (Socialite Life)

–Anne Helen Peterson smartly examines why so many of us aren’t that crazy about Olivia Wilde. (Anne Helen Peterson)

– French bakers would like Kanye West to understand that CROISSANTS CAN NOT BE RUSHED. (Time)

Domino magazine is RETURNING! This is very exciting. (Refinery29)

– I’m just going to leave you with this headline: Wall Street Guys Are Dropping $1500 for Burning Man Costumes at Screaming Mimis. (Paper Magazine)

Fergie and Josh Duhamel named their baby boy Axl Jack. That sounds a bit like a Guns ‘n’ Roses-branded breakfast cereal, but mazel tov, you guys! (Celebitchy)

– I LOVE IT when The Cut asks designers for the one word/phrase inspiration for their upcoming collections, because it’s often hilarious. This season, those one words include: “Gump” (please be Forrest, please be referring to Forrest), “One-a-Day Betsey” (that doesn’t mean ANYTHING, Betsey Johnson), “Zanzibar,” and “Bodega.” (The Cut)

– You probably want to read about how the coffee cup sleeve was invented. (Design Decoded)

Beyonce is VERY cute on a roller coaster. (Socialite Life)

– This is a very interesting interview with James Deen, the porn star who was in The Canyons. (Refinery29)

– I enjoy this headline and I hope it comes to pass: Rodarte Wants to Dress Vin Diesel (Fashionista)