Casual Fuggerday: On the Set of “Girls”

Well, if I wasn’t already, NOW I am watching season three of Girls solely to try and figure out what the hell is going on here.

I am ASSUMING they are walking around dealing with blocking and stuff, in the middle of getting gussied up to shoot. While Jessa would probably wear everything Jemima Kirke has on, I am very curious how much of Zosia’s getup belongs to Shoshanna. Assuming the sweats and slippers coming off for her wide shots… that skirt STILL doesn’t make sense with the shirt. If the skirt is not part of her costume, then does that mean she wore it AND the sweatpants AND the slippers as a unit, and does THAT mean she is insane? Or is Shoshanna just wearing all of this because she smoking more crack, or because she was in the middle of trying on everything in her closet when Jessa burst in and made her, oh, I don’t know, go shopping for chia seeds?

[Photo: INF Daily]

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  1. TonyG

    Zoxia is simply giving “Trailer Trash Realness” in an ANTM challenge.

  2.  HelenBackAgain

    I find it astonishing that Mamet actually looks even worse and more crazeballs on set than she does on red carpets. If someone had told me it was possible, I’d have laughed!

  3. Sajorina

    If anything, this doesn’t make me want to watch at all!

  4. Patrick

    Mostly I’m sat here wondering if that total cutie is actually going to be in the show, in which case – I’m definitely back on board for season three, maybe with the mute button heavily deployed.

  5. Hannah

    the sweats and uggs also don’t make sense because they are filming in NYC in AUGUST……

    • ¬†HelenBackAgain

      Filming starts at an inhumanly hour though, and look how both girls are hunched in on themselves. Must’ve been one of those occasional, unusually chilly summer nights, and not warmed up yet.

      I could never be an actor. I can’t get up that early.

      • ¬†HelenBackAgain

        Sigh. *Inhuman hour, inhumanly *early hour, pick one, that’s what I meant to say. More coffee…

        • Hannah

          Ha fair enough Helen. The light in the photo to me indicates late morning/early afternoon depending on the direction of the shadows though. Sun looks pretty bright for crack-of-dawn . . . .but I could be wrong. :)

  6. Megan

    So I just picked up Girls yesterday (thank you, HBO on demand) and finished the first season in one sitting. I was blown away that Shoshanna is so adorable/well manicured/clean and Zosia in real life looks like a NUT CASE. She should take just a few pointers from her character and apply them to real life, no?!

  7. Katherine

    I’m guessing sundress on a cold morning. She’ll ditch the pants, shoes and sweater, and put on some dress shoes. On the other hand, there’s nothing redeemable about that muumuu Jemina Kirk is wearing.

    • Olivier

      The article (?) really seems to assume that the top is staying but it being a jumper that comes off makes perfect sense. An excellent point well made.

  8. Evangeline

    Maybe it’s not a skirt. Maybe it’s an apron! (Trying to think positively here). She just didn’t want to spill anything on her sweats.

  9. sarah

    Are we not going to discuss the hair?? I realize that she’s probably pre- or mid- hair and make-up working on her, but even if this is only partially done, in what way do cornrow style braids fit into the process? They certainly don’t seem like something her character would sport, and I just can’t figure why a hairstylist would need to do this in order to prep her hair for any other style, so I have to figure she added those herself…

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