Well, if I wasn’t already, NOW I am watching season three of Girls solely to try and figure out what the hell is going on here.

I am ASSUMING they are walking around dealing with blocking and stuff, in the middle of getting gussied up to shoot. While Jessa would probably wear everything Jemima Kirke has on, I am very curious how much of Zosia’s getup belongs to Shoshanna. Assuming the sweats and slippers coming off for her wide shots… that skirt STILL doesn’t make sense with the shirt. If the skirt is not part of her costume, then does that mean she wore it AND the sweatpants AND the slippers as a unit, and does THAT mean she is insane? Or is Shoshanna just wearing all of this because she smoking more crack, or because she was in the middle of trying on everything in her closet when Jessa burst in and made her, oh, I don’t know, go shopping for chia seeds?

[Photo: INF Daily]