Casual Fuggerday on the Set: Channing Tatum

How do we feel about this?

Welcome to Channing Tatum, on the set of Jupiter Ascending. Although if I’d told you it was any one of a number of people, you’d probably have believed that first. Me, I thought his head looked more like a cross between Will Ferrell and Charlie Hunnam/Ron Perelman/Sons of Anarchy: The Greatest Hits. I also don’t know if the manssiere is his costume, or part of a stunt harness; I do know that it’s a Wachowskis movie, so it’s probably cracked out. But what do we think? Are you into a Channing Tatum movie wherein he doesn’t look like Channing Tatum? When it comes to him, what gets you in the door?

[Photos: Splash News]

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Comments (24):

  1. Thunderthighs

    That has to be his stunt double, right?

  2. GFY Heather

    According to the photo service it is him…

    • Kristan

      I’m 99.9% sure it’s a stunt double.

      • Kristan

        Well. Wait. MAYBE it’s Channing-meant-not-to-look-like-Channing-at-all. But it’s definitely not normal-Channing. Even becoming a dad for the first time couldn’t/wouldn’t do this to him.

  3. Anne

    are those pointy ears? Because this could be the world’s biggest budget porno, “Dildo Daggins: One Ring to F— Them All.”

  4. TonyG

    Prosthetic beer belly?

    Channing clearly is not into method acting.

    Then again, who wants a real beer belly on such a Hunkus americanus.

  5. EmilyAP

    Wow, that’s… just not right.

  6. proudmary

    would like to respectfully suggest this be termed a “brossiere”

  7. Sajorina

    It doesn’t look like him at all and I don’t like it! I mean, he doesn’t have to look Magic Mike Hot all the time for me to like him or watch his movies, but this is just weird!

  8. Mimi

    There’s something Matt Damon-y about his profile in this picture.

  9. Rina

    Are we really, REALLY sure that is him? The jaw line and length of the face just seem all wrong, never mind the build.

  10. Mariel

    I really thought that was a bulked up Ryan Phillippe!

  11. Rachel

    I have to say I just can’t look after This is the End… I see that pink luchador mask in my nightmares…

  12. Garbo

    That’s Spanx. Man Spanx. Manx. And it isn’t working.

  13. Bambi Anne Dear

    I can’t believe he’s let his stomach go to the dogs. And those puffy eyes? It must be a stunt double. That harness definitely looks like some sort of safety thingy.

  14. CoCo TheUntameable Wine

    Who’s stomach is he wearing?

  15. merkin4

    Looks like some sort of safety harness. If that’s the case, he gets a complete and total pass.

  16. Camille

    There is no way this could possibly be him. If you google a profile pic of him this doesn’t look at all like anything that comes up. Unless Channing is wearing prosthetic ears here? I vote stunt double. If this is miraculously him then something has gone very, very wrong…

  17. India

    I’m despairing over the number of people who doubt this is he! Has no one ever heard of prosthetics or seen another actor in a film who looks unrecognizable because of the use of said prosthetics? Do people really think there’s a guy walking around with normal ears like this? Jeepers! Read this, for heaven’s sake:

    • ¬†HelenBackAgain

      Wow, that’s amazing. It’s a totally different guy.

      I didn’t really know what he looked like anyway, so I couldn’t have said if I thought this was him or not, but looking at those two pictures side-by-side? I COMPLETELY understand the reactions!

      Hollywood makeup magic, it’s something to behold.

      Although, the notion that it might be his real stomach does surprise me. I mean, we can see the flesh-colored tunic straps holding that on… :-D

  18. Daniel Eugenio Gonzalez

    do any of you reaaally find him hot? he’s a hillbilly roidneck to me, just like the hillbilly hemsworth roidneck brothers.

  19. HKS

    Ok, now I feel fine about never seeing him while filming this movie. I saw the set, and saw Mila Kunis and the Wachowskis walking around, but was super bummed I never got to see Channing. But now? Now that I know he looks likes this? I am totally fine.