Cannes Fugs and Fines: Rooney Mara

At this point I want to slip the Pantone book under her hotel room door with the note, “RECONSIDER.”

NOTE: This first pic is not Rooney. I fell for the incorrect caption because of the hat. I figured it skewed things in pics but that in person they would have known it was her. Not so! But I am leaving the pic because the outfit is dumb.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Dirk

    Aggressively boring.

  2. Esme

    Is this whole thing some kind of performance art? That’s some crazy shit, Mara.

  3. Jen

    Jeez, girl. If you hate your life SO MUCH, why don’t you do something different? No need to mope about.

    •  Helen

      Right? Croesus only dreamed of her kind of money, she can do whatever she wants. I know, I know, money doesn’t buy happiness, but it DOES buy a lot of freedom. If Rooney didn’t want to be here, she could have been anywhere in the world instead, doing anything she liked.

  4. Lizzy

    Is there a hint of a smile in that last photo? That happens about every other Leap Year, right? The whole blank expression, severe hair, black clothing schtick is getting old. We get it – you’re the one who plays the girl with the dragon tattoo. Take a page from Noomi Rapace and turn the character “off” when you’re not filming the trilogy.

  5. Gine

    Are we sure that’s her in the first pic? It doesn’t really look like her, and there are no results for her in that outfit on Getty.

    Could be my eyes are just playing tricks, though.

  6. ErinB

    I think I could’ve found the first look charming if she’d smiled. Actually I’d find all her boring outfits charming if she’d just smile. Life’s short, kiddo, enjoy it!

    (And yes, I realize I am a hypocrite because I hated when people would tell ME to smile more — I was such a serious kid. Now I wish I’d been more carefree when I actually WAS young and carefree. Now I’m an adult ACTING-as-if-I’m-carefree and it’s not nearly as endearing). *fin*

  7. Ruth

    I hope Bieber never sees Rooney in the second outfit, because he would wrestle her to the ground, wrest it off her and put it on with a triumphant smirk.

    • Ruth

      The Giambattista outfit, in case the first slide is removed due to mistaken identity…

  8. Pouncer

    All of these are Wrong.

  9. Amalia

    I want to give her an encouraging pat and advise, “You wear your clothes, honey, don’t let them wear you!” The sack dress in particular is running the show, apparently.

    Then I will go snicker about the caption for #6.

  10. Kate

    Maybe I am losing my mind, but I feel like with better shoes and better styling that the Vera Wang dress could have been really fun . . .

    • Annie E

      I LOVE the Vera Wang dress. I NEED it.

      • Carnac

        The Vera Wang may be a lovely dress, but it doesn’t fit. It is easily a couple of sizes too big. Look at the neckline in the second pic. It is gaping open. That’s not right. Tailor the dress to fit and I’ll consider it again.

  11. Maggie

    God dammit, girl. Cheer up! Is she going to look miserable for the rest of her life? It’s like she’s still in character from that ‘Dragon tattoo movie’.

  12. Sarah

    The first photo is definitely not Rooney.

  13. tigers4us

    Not a hit in the bunch. However, to give her credit, those look like “formal” shorts in the 1st pic.

  14. Sallie T

    Girl: your family made their jillions in football in Pittsburgh, not inventing a cure for cancer or writing symphonies. Get over yourself.

    • Sandra

      And that’s just the Rooneys. The Maras made theirs in NYC with the Giants.

  15.  jen

    Is “they mistook me for Mara Rooney” the new code for “I wore something black and white and boring all over”?

  16. Diane

    Boy George.

  17. gryt

    Didn’t Julienne Moore wear that sack thing somewhere? It seems like something she would wear.

  18. MG

    She should stick to Vera Wang. It seems to suit her body type and really gives her the best chance.

  19. Lynne

    Honestly, I understand why you have to cover Rooney Mara as she wears expensive things and is an important actress. It’s just that she bums me out something fierce. I feel depressed now. I think I need to go watch Cezar of Romania again just balance out my mood.

    I’m genuinely worried about this girl. Her whole suicide chic thing is getting out of hand.

    • Annie E

      She’s just EXCEEDINGLY shy – her Vogue profile was basically “Rooney Mara likes to act, and she is very shy” over and over again. She doesn’t want to smile if she doesn’t feel like smiling, which, to me, is fair.

      • Lizzy

        So basically KStew 2.0?
        Movie promotion is part of the job. Doesn’t hurt that designers want to dress you up in their pretty clothes and jewels while you’re doing it. And you’re in Cannes to boot.

      • Ericajeanine

        I agree. Ibhate all the “she needs to smile” when it comes to actresses. Just because a person isn’t walking around with a clown grin all the time does not mean they are unhappy, unpleasant , or not enjoying what they are doing. I also feel like this is only said in regard to women, which bothers me even more.

        • Ericajeanine

          This was an agreement with AnnE’s comment about Rooney not having to smile if she doesn’t want to.

  20. Danielle

    The first outfit, whoever she is, looks like she wandered in from a music video set in the late 80s, early 90s.

  21. ceecee

    Sad sack-she always looks sad and she dresses in sacks

  22. maryse

    i kind of like the vera wang sack dress. it’s cool looking. and if i had her waifish figure i would want to wear something like that.

  23. Rachael

    She is way harsh, Tai. I just can’t. It’s really boring.

  24. Elle

    Bet you’re all sorry you ragged on that ( relatively) lovely, floaty, slip dress she wore to Cannes.. Now she’s been chased back to her usual sci- fi prison garb look. “Princess Zhora is awaiting trial for copulating with an earthling.”

    • Sandra

      Nope. It was horrible in its own right; a non-color is worse than black-and-white.

  25. Squirrel!

    Oh, the poor dear is allergic to color. If providing a Pantone book doesn’t work (since it would never fit under the door, unfortunately), she may need medical intervention.

  26.  Helen

    I like the Dior, except, what’s their thing with hip nakpkins this year? And it does need better shoes.

    Also, I favor “mammarbund.” Which is also a mistake.

  27. Kirst

    The only possible response to that first photo is this

  28.  karacocoa

    Ugh, she’s so damn melancholic.

  29. wildviolette

    I wore the sh*t out of a hat just like that all through high school. But then again, the 80s were a really tough time for a lot of us, sartorially speaking.

  30. Jennifer Wangler

    All these clothes are SO unflattering. She looks horrible. Is this high fashion? OUT.

  31. Sajorina

    I love, LOVE, the Dior dress on Rooney! I love the makeup, the jewelry and the shoes! And I think the Vera Wang is very interesting and suits her style! FAB!

  32. ChaChaHeels

    That last photo of her and Jr. Affleck is missing a pitchfork and a gothic window’d house in the background, to be complete.

  33. Cynthia W

    Jesus Christ on a Cracker – you are Rooney fucking Mara, stop being so freaking cranky. Just looking at her mope around PISSES ME OFF. Good lord – go to a football game, have a beer, eat some peanuts and chill the fuck out.

    Sorry about all the swearing – it’s the Cabernet. And the cranky. Caused by Ronney Mara.

  34. esther p.

    why would anybody want to mammarbund their chest like that? poor things!

  35. Reporter Laydee

    I appreciate her style, at least she doesn’t look like everyone else, and I actually quite like the dress even with the chestal restraint band. But I have to agree with most of the folks here that her penchant for looking miserable is so tiring. You’re in Cannes. You get paid to do something you, presumably, love. You get access to mind-blowing fashion that us regularly pleebs could only dream of. Get the stick out of your a$$ and enjoy it.

  36. LibraryChick

    The mammarbund reminds me of the obi belt I wore with yukata in Japan. I forget why I had to wear it that high, but at least on yukata (a type of kimono, but less formal), it looked right and made me feel secure the robe wasn’t going to fall open on me as I walked around.