Broadwalk Fugpire

I don’t think Aleksa Palladino here is related in any way to Gilmore Girls and Bunheads EP Amy Sherman Palladino, but whenever I look at her, I think of what Lorelei Gilmore would say:

In this particular instance, Lorelei is silent, but she IS making a face. Yes, it’s that one. That one you’re making right now.

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Comments (15):

  1. katkin74

    You mean that vaguely at first confused, then disgusted, hope against hope, just-stepped-in-dog-junk face? Yes, then that is it precisely.

  2. Kit

    I opened your site, scrolled down and said to myself “Oooohhh LAWD.”

    I think that says it all. :|

  3. Shiitake

    I’d rather see Aleksa/Alexis traipsing around in the jacket and bondage bodysuit, than with that hideous mullet skirt. Where’s Jesse J when you need her?

  4. Elizabeth

    Why does this look like a Home Ec project from the Soiled Doves VoTech?

  5. Sandra

    Does she shop at Fugs ‘R’ Us?

  6. Cranky Old Batt

    When I see pictures like this I always think that either the person lost a bet of has some form of mental illness. I am going with the latter in this case.

    • vandalfan

      Closed head injury is also a possibility.

      She’s got all that fabric around her hips, and yet is dong the Gottapee stance for the slimming effect.

  7. Lina

    That’s kind of tragic.

  8. Bella

    Sad sack.

  9. Carol

    Is that actually a mullet skirt with leggings? It IS! I can hardly believe my eyes …

  10. Art Eclectic

    That skirt would make a marvelous caftan to swan around in the mornings wearing. Hides coffee stains and everything!

  11. Tamim

    She is so Fashion concerned. And looks so gorgeous.

  12. havfruen

    Never mind the hideous clothes – someone should introduce this sad, sad-looking girl to a bit of make up. Just a tad, a bit of rouge and lipstick, just enough to make her look alive, y’know?

  13. gryt

    With the misery face and frumpy caftan BAG clothing – she still remembers to stand in the ‘gotta pee’ pose because some moron stylist/publicist has told her her figure looks great that way?


  14. Lucy