BET Awards Fug or Fab: Alicia Keys


Okay, before we talk about what Alicia Keys wore to the BET Awards, we have to discuss this:

Apparently, when she’s not attending awards shows, she’s living in a secret subterranean lair under the Paris Opera House.

Alicia, Alicia, Alicia, Alicia. I was SO WITH YOU from the waist up. Messy braid, red lips, white dinner jacket stolen from one of the members of Duran Duran — I FELT YOU. I really did. But then, as always, you had to go and wear some Weird Pants That Do You No Favors. You will never have a Andrew Lloyd Webber musical devoted to you like THIS. Go back to your lair and think about what you’ve done — and why you keep doing it.

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Comments (17):

  1. jennifer

    That looks like “oops, haven’t lost all my baby weight so I better jam these pants from Express in 1988 on and since I can’t find a belt to go around my leftover baby weight, I’ll use some suspenders from Super Jizz or Swizz Cheez Whiz (or whatever her baby daddy’s name is) to hold them up.” She is really pretty, tho.

  2. Willow

    The pants appear to be folding in on themselves, and that can’t be a good sign.

  3. Mary

    Anyone else think “Candy Land” when they saw those shoes?

  4. Kris

    So close! Everything else works, right down to the shoes. I’m starting to wonder if Alicia Keyes does all her shopping at some boutique called Inadvisable Pants. Also, that would be a great band name.

  5. erin

    Looks like a jump suit to me. Which, of course, only makes it worse.

  6. crysharris

    The Gwen Stefani option made me choke

  7. vandalfan

    I’m not sure that any of the pieces work, alone or in combinations. The jacket looks out of place, the top is all Gymnast McLeotard, the zebra hoofs (hooves?) are just ridiculous, and the pants looked comfortable enough until we got to the suspenders, and then she lost me for good.

  8. Halo

    Wow, she’s really, really pretty. Sometimes it’s hard to see because she wears such weird stuff, but that hairstyle and makeup are very flattering and don’t hide her gorgeous face. Now, I’m going to slightly disagree with the prevailing feeling about this outfit and say it’s fine. Yes, it’s Stefani-adjacent, but that’s okay by me.

  9. Anne B

    Alicia’s hoping Simon Le Bon doesn’t miss his jacket, her pants won’t exercise their legal right to “go Hammer” RIGHT NOW, and the Zebra race-car clogs won’t quit on her tonight.

    But aside from all of that, I still wish I looked like her. And that I could write like you, J. <3

  10. moi

    She looks amazingly pretty here, but needs to take some basic lessons in how to dress a pear-shaped bod. And pajama pants are not part of the lesson.

  11. Geemee

    The Duran Duran blazer is the only thing I like — that, and the red lippy. The braid looks ratty, the top is transparent, and not in a good way, the pants and shoes are a monstrosity and the henna on the arm bores me. Such a waste of pretty.

  12. jenny

    I think she looks pretty adorbs, actually. Much better than her usual looks. And better a slightly loose pant than a too tight one.

  13. Rebecca


  14. Bambi Anne Dear

    I actually quite like this. It’s kooky, but it’s not hideous.

  15. Rayna

    @jennifer – you need to know that Swizz Cheez Whiz made my day yesterday, and is actually helping today along quite nicely as well. Yes.

  16. Carolina Girl

    The Good News: Alicia Keys is REALLY pretty. And REALLY talented.
    The Bad News: Her shoes and the henna tattoo.

    PS … She gets a pass on the pants from me because she’s notoriously pear-shaped and it’s hard to dress an oddly shaped body in the post baby phase. Trust me on this one.

  17. snuffy

    The pants would be better if it looked like both legs belonged on the same pair of pants, are they two different widths?

    Either way, they’re 1000x better than those weird pouchy things Chris Brown performed in!