Aubrey O’Dayed: Aubrey O’Day

Several points:

a) Aubrey is performing at a casino in Coconut Creek, Florida. Which, according to Wikipedia, IS the Butterfly Capital of the World, so perhaps this is not as arduous as it sounds.

b) her Fug Madness 2014 campaign begins….NOW. She may not need to do anything beyond this, honestly.


(Photo: INF)

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Comments (34):

  1. Rayna

    Where to begin?

    Fifty shades of WRONG.

  2. Alma


  3. Gigi

    I’d like to be Aubrey’s 2014 Fug Madness campaign manager. I need something amazing and surefire on my resume.

  4. mary lou bethune

    Performing what? OH, the horror.

  5. ChristieLea

    You mean people are still paying her to sing? *shudder*

  6. anonymoose

    AubrWHO? What does she even do?

    Looks like Beyonce. (Not a compliment.)

    • MG

      I think this is all Madonna’s fault.

      • Chris P

        Close – it’s all Puff Daddy Puffy P. Diddy’s fault (wait, didn’t Madonna date Puffy about ten years ago? I know J.Lo did for a little while).

  7. Kristen

    Aubrey was a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, reading those drag queens to filth! And here she stands in this. Tisk-tisk.

    • Lupe

      I saw that! She kept criticizing Ru’s girls for being unladylike, or dissing their outfits, etc. I’m like, girl, c’mon. I’ve seen you on GFY.

  8. Jo Polniaczek

    Is she wearing… Totes winter boots? My mom has a pair like that. It definitely ups the sexiness quotient of the outfit.

  9. Other Emily

    Just because she’s in the Butterfly Capitol of the World, does not mean she needs to show us all her butterfly. Yuck.

  10. annabelle

    I have never seen clips have to work so hard in all my life. If one of those things snaps loose, someone could loose and eye.

  11. Mouse

    Can we make 2014 the Year of Pants? Please, female celebrities? Pretty please?!

  12. Helen

    For some reason, what’s really gigglicious to me about this is the control panel at the upper thigh of the flesh-colored support hose.

    • casey

      I thought the same thing!

    • Marigold

      Yes. Why exactly is she wearing control top nylons? What, is she too cheap to go to a dance store and buy some Capezio caramel tights? Even the Hooter’s girls know better than to wear cheap nylons and purchase tights, I mean on.

  13. Vandalfan

    The hell? I thought she was an actress.
    (chuckle- that’s what the folks in the casino said, too!)

    • Liz

      Even better, it was a cabaret/revue called, “The Knockouts Burlesque Show.” I was driving in the area and heard radio adverts for it right up until the day before the show. Guess it wasn’t a sellout. (Just as well they didn’t have her play the bigger, more notable Hard Rock half an hour south.)

  14. Claire

    The whole ‘showing off your crotch’ thing seems even more disturbing when the rest of the person in question is totally covered up. And now I’m kind of upset that a distinction between degrees of showing-off-crotch vulgarity is even necessary.

  15. Girl

    The girl has really gotten into shape! Wow! She looks the healthiest she’s looked in awhile. Happy for her! (but letting your crotch peek out is not one of the better ideas I’ve seen…)

    • Helen

      I didn’t know she was ever not in shape, but her body is perfectly beautiful here. It’s just too bad about what it’s wearing.

    • Emma

      Are you thinking of someone else, ‘Girl?’ Unless I’ve missed pictures of her looking unhealthy, I think she’s always been that shape.

  16. Sajorina

    Oh, Dear… HELL NO!

  17. Chris P

    I was wondering why she was wearing an outfit we last saw in her Danity Kane days (and holding an object she probably last held in her Danity Kane days).

    And then I read the mouseover. Lord, she is really gunning for her second Fug Madness title, isn’t she?

  18. H.C.

    given all her cracked-out ensembles in the past (with her dogs as accessories), I’m even inclined to give a C- on this; graded on a very generous curve, of course.

  19. CopyChic

    Um, congrats on your bikini wax? Those have got to be the granniest garters I’ve ever seen.

  20. LakeLucilleLoon

    Apologies to Crazytown but their lyrics must be retrofitted for this photo:

    Come my lady, come come my lady
    Show your butterfly
    Labia, maybe?

  21. Jane

    Wow, there are no words. I bet her momma’s REAL proud.

  22. VDahling

    It looks like her lower half was drawn on by a cartoonist! What is happening?

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  24. Cha Cha DeGregario

    I think she forgot her pants!