Amusingly Played, Ron Fugsley

Forget whether or not I’m on Team Rupert (although I am). I want Rupert on Team Me. I want him to show up to important events in my life, like a book signing or my kids’ birthday or the day I finally beat Angry Birds Halloween Level 10 and achieve my OCD goal of having three stars on every Angry Birds Seasons level, wearing an “I *heart* GFY Heather” t-shirt that he made himself, because he cares that much. I won’t even mind if he does it in that hair, or with those Ray Bans With A Secret (all will be revealed in the slideshow).  That Draco Malfoy is a lucky guy.

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  1. Libby

    Rupert’s adorable, but how about Draco in that suit!
    Sooo glad he’s abandoned the Sonny Crockett look.

  2. Sally

    I seriously want those glasses to raise by themselves with or without music (altho with music is much, much better)

  3. Sara Jane

    That last photo of them is the cutest thing on this website.

  4. Jasmine

    I just freaking LOVE him. I just saw HP again last night (let’s not get into what number this was), and I just adore him more and more…. and then I wake up to this and have Rupert-love-overload. Siiiiiiiiigh. I want one.

  5. Jill

    I, too, am obsessed with getting three stars on every angry birds level!

    And, it appears, Tom Felton has been taking style tips from Hot Neville. Well done, Tom.

  6. Kris

    He still looks stoned.

  7. Dee

    I have a major soft spot for Tom Felton after I heard Emma Watson had a huge crush on him in the first couple of movies and he was super sweet about it. Love the last pic!

  8. Josephine

    I don’t know if this was a dare, or what, or if Rupert Grint is just a bit of a joker and totally freaking charming–I don’t much care! It has just sort of sneaked up on me that I am completely sold on him! I mean, yes, I have a soft spot for gingers, but this is above and beyond. Perhaps he has some kind of secret mad-science ray that is making me smile like this and not even blink about his questionable fringe styling. Whatever you’re doing, kid, keep doing it.

  9. Rayanne Graff

    I fall a little bit more in love with him every day. Like, I-might-push-Hot-Neville-aside levels of adorkable celebrity crushing.

  10. avidbeader

    Well, we’ve progressed to clean and dry hair. Now he just needs a comb…

  11. sj

    I love how Draco is such a fan of the finger guns. The most effective way to avoid being type-cast as the slime ball creep is to show up off screen looking like the coolest guy to hang out with.

    More Draco finger gun amazingness:

    Yes, I clearly need to get over my HP obsession….P.S. The second link offers more adorable T-shirt choices by Rupert and some Hot Neville..

  12. Erika

    Oh, Rupert, please get a haircut. On the other hand, I totally agree with the sentiment on his t-shirt. Swoon.

    (And I guess that officially makes me a pervy old lady.)

  13. Tracy

    Does anyone else think that Tom Felton and Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad) could play brothers?

  14. rrp

    That guy stays high, which puts me completely on his team for nostalgia’s sake (oh, being 20).

  15. Nancy Freeman

    Tracy: YES

  16. Lilith

    He seems like the coolest guy ever! Love him!

  17. vandalfan

    Team Rupert, who occasionally takes sartorial advice from Teams Neville and Draco.

  18. Pouncer

    Oh, boys. How so adorable?

    The 2001 theme is Richard Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra (listen: What a way to raise tension.

  19. C-No

    Oh, Rupert. I also <3 Tom Felton. And you.

  20. Wendy

    I think there are hearts coming out of my eyes right now. This can’t be healthy.

  21. Jenny

    Awww, it’s adorable. But I would not be surprised to learn Rupert lost a bet. I don’t care though. If it was scourge the memory of balding paunchy Ron Weasley from the HP8 epilogue, I will take it.

    Glad to know I’m not the only one obsessed with getting all 3 stars in every level of Angry Birds.

  22. dvj

    That is some seriously neat t-shirt-penmenhsip. I think his mom made it for him.

    Tom Felton I think is one of the few kiddies who had a career before HP. I remember him as a traumatized child being coaxed out by I think Clive Owen as the going blind/possibly psychic detective. Or maybe I’m getting my edgy BBC cop shows mixed up. The Clive Owen one was Second Sight and it was awesome.

  23. Melinda

    dvj – Second Sight WAS awesome, and you are right about Clive Owen and wee baby Tom Felton. (I may have an edgy BBC cop show problem.)

  24. Su-Yin Johns

    @Wendy – me too! I may have to go watch HP7.5 or whatever it’s called AGAIN. They’re so adorkable!

  25. Sajorina

    I would proudly wear a t-shirt I made myself that says “I ♥ GFY Heather” because I care that much!!!

  26. Lori

    No Dwayne Wayne reference to go with those glasses? Really?

  27. Kaitlyn in Bookland

    I love how Rupert always wears shirts to support the other HP people! This one, the Dan one, and I remember him wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt to one of the events around movie 5, I think. So cute.

  28. Loraine

    I know I’m in the stunning minority here, but dear god I love that hair on him. I’ve always been rather alarmingly in love with Rupert, but right now the sexy, it is hurting me physically.

  29. Figure8

    Ronald, Ronald, Ronald! I must call Hermoine up and get her work her magic and give you some decent clothing! It looks like you payed the kid down the street a buck and gave him a T-shirt and a Sharpie and he scribbled down this.