amfAR in Cannes: Fugs and Fabs, Part 1

Sorry, Dior, but for this Prom she picked McQueen.

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  1.  Marte

    Every time I see an “almost” gown in a boring white/champaigne/beige etc “colour”, all I can think is “If this had only been a real colour, it would be so much better!” Not perfect, but eons better than blah.

  2. marylou bethune

    The Red Head Goddess Tribe wins again.. Jessica looks perfectly glam and sexy and beautiful.

  3. BrownEyedBetty

    The only comments I have to make are about proununciation and relations.

    How DO you pronounced Marion Cotillard’s last name? Anybody?

    And is Riley Keogh Elvis’s Granddaughter?

  4. Karen

    Click to zoom on Chastain: not only is that necklace divine, but the bodice has wonderful detailing and it fits her like a dream

    Rai’s green eyeshadow and red lips make her look like a Christmas ornament.

    Wurst looks sensational, but also like a waxwork of herself.

    I have no idea who Riley Keough even is, but I would kill for that frock, bodice and all.

    It must have been raining like billy-o, since all their hems are soaked for at least an inch and a half. How do you return the dress to the couturier with that kind of water damage, anyway? Because…they DO return them, don’t they?

    • Heather

      Riley is Lisa-Marie Presley’s daughter.

      •  Morris

        And really looks like her mama in that shot! Fab dress.
        Chastain is the bomb.
        Also, how much more bearable does Paris seem now that KimK is soooo unbearable…?

    • Annelie

      My main question about Wurst is how is she doing that contouring over/alongside the stubble? Impressive.

  5. Sandra

    Jessica should pin all the pictures ever taken of her in Cannes and look at them every time she needs to dress up for something that happens elsewhere. She always looks soooo good in the South of France. (Maybe I should go there and see if the magic works for me.)

    And Conchita, you need to line your dress just as much as anybody else does.

    •  Linda_AZ

      Conchita’s dress does need lining, but it’s not the Wurst I’ve seen.

  6. Barbara

    small comment, in general. Boobs, just because you’ve got them doesn’t mean they have to be on display. Sometimes, less is more.

  7. Jessica

    Damn, Chastain looks good. And that’s great on Dita; not too costumey.

    • Sophy

      She looks amazing and it makes me so happy because she is so lovely and is often an almost on the red carpet and at Canne she has been perfect…. She is so beautiful n has the softest pretty smile and is so taleneted… going to stop gushing now…..but in case u cant make out I really like her :)

    • ortenzia

      Dita should style Angelina Jolie or the Jolie should just steal that dress because it would be a bold new world for her while still being her usual classy and covered look.

      More importantly, did you know there are SEMI-FINALS for Eurovision? There’s a whole slew of acts that don’t make it to the televised finals. As John Lennon once said: Imagine.

  8. Ruth

    Not digging Milla Jovovich’s shoes, but I love the rest of her outfit.

  9. ohsohappy

    Jessica’s Necklace!!!!!!

  10.  Kris

    Can’t anyone make Rosario Dawson a dress that FITS?

    • camille

      Right? She’s gorgeous. This shouldn’t be a challenge.

      Actually, that reveals inherent bias. NO ONE’s body should be a challenge to dress for PROFESSIONAL MAKERS OF DRESSES.

      • HelenBackAgain

        True, but you’d think when a person arrives already well-proportioned, that would be even easier!

  11.  Alyssa

    Heather, that’s twice today you’ve referenced Silence of the Lambs. I’m a fan.

    Chastain is kinda killing it at Cannes. I never had many feelings about her before, but now I’m liking her more and more. That NECKLACE.

  12. Stefanie

    Jessica and Dita are killing it. The rest are…uninspiring.

  13.  KarenG958

    Manhunter was so scary! I will never forget it, that’s for sure.

  14.  ErinG

    Conchita… DAMN girl. Talk about wearing the dress/not letting the dress wear you!

    Paris looks good but should ditch the BumpIt.

    Jessica looks lovely – the detailing on the bodice is amazing, and that necklace is seriously incredible.

  15. Yelif

    If I’m at Dior I’m feeling okay because this McQueen on Ms. Cotillard is looking very much like an ole time wedding gown or a very formal table cloth. I don’t think they could have done all that much worse. The high neck and the necklaces just not working. Agree on all the other Fugs and Fabs within.

  16. Jules

    Jane Fonda has been knocking it out of the park. And when did Kelly Preston’s boobs get so big? Or are they just that squished?

    • sandra

      i was just thinking that! never realized kelly was so busty.

      • Elaine

        Zenu seems to be a big fan of plastic surgery and other artificial enhancements.

  17. Jenz

    Aishwarya Rai’s dress looks like it’s chafing her neck – does anyone else see that? That looks painful.

    Jessica and DVT are killing it of course. Milla would be there if not for the dust mops. Cut those things off and she’s in the race. Speaking of, Marion’s dress kind of looks like one large dust mop. Come to my apartment when you’re done in Cannes, I have spiderwebs that I can’t get my bottle-brush tail cat up to.

    Paris Hilton does look good AND.. AND… Did anyone else notice that she was standing (mostly) normally? That she wasn’t nearly folded backwards in half?

    For Paz and Kelly.. people, come on. Boobs have been around for years!! It’s 2014, half the population has them. We should be on top of this. Not south of this. Definitely NOT squished.

  18. Art Eclectic

    I swear I tried on that McQueen for Prom ….in 1980.

    Also, Paris Hilton’s dress is gorgeous and it deserves a better back to rest upon.

  19. Tamarin

    I thought Nicole Scherzinger was Camila Alves.
    Also Conchita is rocking some fierce brows.

  20. Helena

    Carla Bruni always looks like a sister – or at least cousin – of Meredith Grey to me. (I know she has an actual name, but I’m temporarily blanking – Ellen Pompeo! That’s it.)

  21. Persephone Mulberry

    Are we looking at the same Dita photo? True, it’s within her aesthetic and all, but it’s the DVT version of jammies, not DVT Red Carpet.

    I’m also concerned about her face. I’m trying to come up with a suitable analogy but it’s 8pm on Friday and my brain is toast. Suffice it to say I think she has lost perspective; she could go with half as much foundation, blush, and lipstick and still retain her Look.

    •  Linda_AZ

      Historically, I’ve enjoyed her aesthetic but lately it just makes me think how much work it must be. And how warm and sticky and uncomfortable it would make me feel a lot of the time.

      And you’re right, she could get a similar vibe with a lot less everything.

    • Elaine

      And I just can’t with that hideous solid black helmet hair–doesn’t do anything for her.

      • Sara

        Yeah, I always think she looks too costumed. And her hair always looks so dark and unflattering.

  22.  Linda_AZ

    Cotillard’s head is valiantly trying to make a break for it, but methinks that tablecloth has got her.

  23. Sara

    Milla’s dress reminds me of a koala bear…. not good

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