2013′s Top Ten Posts

Let’s take a look-see at the top ten most popular posts on GFY in 2013. (I filtered out the Best and Worst posts, in case you’re concerned about methodology, because we already revisited those, and I didn’t include our gift guide because hopefully you are currently all be-gifted.) The breadth and depth of the shenanigans of this year may surprise you, so hold tight to your eggnog as we take this walk down memory lane.

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Comments (18):

  1. sarah

    When I glanced at the thumbnail I thought Rob Lowe was Lucille Bluth

  2.  Stefanie

    Coachella. I had blocked Coachella out and then all of the sudden it came back to me.

    The Ms. USA (america?) post was my favorite. That whole thing was insane.

  3. mary lou bethune

    Diane and Pacey really do love each other. And they always look good.

  4. Sabrina

    These are all lovely but nothing beats 2102′s Top Post. http://gofugyourself.com/well-played-olympian-abs-08-2012

    •  Stefanie

      No lies here.

      BTW thanks for think. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed.

      •  Nan

        Umm….you haven’t bookmarked the Olympian Abs page yet? Do it now and immediately bring more joy into your life. You’re welcome.

    • Elizabeth

      I thought the same thing!! I still go back to that post from time to time. It’s a shame the Winter Olympics are so… clothed.

  5.  Kristin

    I still think Rita Ora’s Coachella skirt was Danny and Sandy from Grease.

  6. Blair Sylvester

    I now have decided that I want Josh and Diane to play hipsters in a movie because with their overabundant charm, looks, and ability to carry crazy clothes off I think they would be charming

  7. TheReset

    What I took from this in a nutshell was that Pacey won the year.

    As it should be.

  8. loopdaloop

    Revisiting the Coachella post was a hoot. Maybe it’s my migraine, but Vanessa Hudgens morphed into Helena Bonham Carter, and Robert Pattinson into a young Robert Maxwell.

  9.  Erin

    Thank you for all of the wonderful, funny, thought provoking things you post on here. In the (brilliantly made up) words of SWINTON, “so rare a bird are you that birds themselves quit, and join the circus.” http://gofugyourself.com/swinterfeldly-played-swinton-and-karl-11-2013

  10. LauraFourEyes

    So, I recently have been trying on wedding dresses for my wedding in 2015. I tried on the Jenny Packham looks-like-a-dressing-gown dress, and FugGirls, you were DEAD ON. I felt like Joan Crawford. All I was missing was a turban and a man to throw a martini at. I told this to the consultant who was helping me out, and she was not amused.

  11. Ruthie

    I covet the wedding dress pictured on the left. For me it was the most memorable dress of that post.