So, now that we’ve seen Ashley Greene’s take on metallic rosettes, let’s see how Julianne Hough wore it — different designer, similar motif:

They’re both pretty. I didn’t expect to like this one better, but it does make her look less boxy than Ashley’s does, and it doesn’t bisect her — and of course, it’s not putting the swirls directly in the nip zone. But I AM distracted by how much boob tape she must have had to use to keep her girls so vehemently separate but equal. At least she made the effort — nip slips are so Tara Reid 2003 — but overall I feel like I’ve spent an inordinate (for me) amount of time staring at people’s chestal regions today. Somewhere a 13-year old boy is like, “Lady, ENOUGH WITH THE BOOBS ALREADY.”

End this for me:

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