Usually, I like to start off something critical with a nice comment, but because the bulk of this post will be complimentary, I get to lead off mean:

Honey, get your hair out of your face. You have such a pretty face! How are we supposed to see it if your hair is hanging in it like that! Seriously, imagine this whole look if her hair were in a ponytail. Better, right? Also: stand up straight! And have you done your math homework yet? (Hey, as long as I’m turning into someone’s mother here….)

That being said, I actually really like this dress. It’s got a ton of visual interest, but it somehow doesn’t overwhelm her. The longer I do this job, the more I realize that’s like my Outfit Holy Grail: not boring, without drifting over into Cracked-Out-Itude. It’s harder to nail than you’d think.