R.PATTZ: And so it begins again.

ASHLEY: Yep. Only one more movie after this one and then we’re done.

R.PATTZ: Those lucky bloody Harry Potter bastards. Done already. Moved on.

ASHLEY: Why aren’t you looking at me?

R.PATTZ: It doesn’t feel proper.


R.PATTZ: Your dress.

ASHLEY: Girl, please. I’ve had worse.

R.PATTZ: It’s not… it’s just…

ASHLEY: Spit it out.

R.PATTZ: It gives you swirly boobs.

ASHLEY… Swirly boobs? Are you ten?

R.PATTZ: I can’t look at you in that dress because I may or may not have a girlfriend who may or may not know you and who may or may not be very upset with me if I look at your dress and all I can see are swirly boobs.

ASHLEY: Maybe you should be more concerned with whether your girlfriend can look at YOU in that facial hair. You look like you fell asleep on a Special Dark.

R.PATTZ: Great, then, we can just carry on and not look at each other and everybody wins.

ASHLEY: Except your girlfriend.

R.PATTZ: No, she wins, too.

ASHLEY: You are really, really overestimating that facial hair.

How did Ashley do, though?

  • Great, right up until you said swirly boobs, and now that's all I can see. (55%, 5,454 Votes)
  • Great! INCLUDING the swirly boobs. (21%, 2,062 Votes)
  • Nooooooo. Just no. (24%, 2,339 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,857

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And Rob?

  • That is unusually bad. (22%, 1,897 Votes)
  • That is regular bad. (61%, 5,251 Votes)
  • That is not bad at ALL. (9%, 816 Votes)
  • That is baaaaaaad, in the sense of HOT. (8%, 693 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,657

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