As always, Heather and I took out our handy prognosticator and laid odds on who we thought would walk away with the crown on tonight’s finale of Project Runway. Having seen the shows in September at Fashion Week, I can tell you that this season’s crop was very disappointing and uninspiring in general, and that at least one of the bogus shows was superior to the four finalists.

Joshua McKinley: 15-1. If Joshua wins this thing, we are packing up and going home. In fact, we would have ranked him last here, had the judges not tongue-bathed him last week (even if Nina’s “You … are … a great … designer” sounded suspiciously sewn together in the edit bay).”

Read it all over at the Cut, and see if you agree with us. WARNING: If you haven’t peeked at the pics from the shows in September and don’t want to see or hear about their final shows until you watch tonight, WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW to read this, because we discuss the lines as shown (and disseminated on the interwebs) in September.