Hello! A LOT happened this week! We’ve got sleeves and patterns galore in the slideshow, but also, in case you missed anything earlier:

There was a concert for Remembrance Sunday and people wore black cocktail dresses. (It turns out Meghan was wearing this Marks & Spencer number, which is v. reasonable and also I think it’s smart that she’s starting to do a high/low mix. It’s also a good dress!)

Then it was actual Remembrance Sunday, and people stood on tiny balconies, then they went to Wabbey and Kate wore a wacky headband while Meghan…did not wear a wacky headband.

THEN we got new family portraits marking Charles’s 70th birthday and they were very charming!

THEN Wills and Kate had an event and Kate repeated her blue Eponine dress and I did not make any “on my own” jokes.

THEN everyone went to a party and wore GIANT earrings!

AND THEN Wills and Kate went to the BBC and Kate whipped out an old Emilia Wickstead that she loves and I kinda complained about her shoes a tiny bit as usual.

I told you there was a lot!


VERY relevant to all our interests: Charles and Cams have opened Clarence House to Google Arts and that means you can basically noodle around the inside of it FOR HOURS.  Like….it’s AMAZING. This is the sort of thing that is very useful to a person writing a book set amid the British Royal Family.

IMPORTANT NEWS: All of Meghan’s fave Strathberry bags are currently available for purchase again and yes I want all of them. Sigh.

We were on the podcast ROYALLY OBSESSED this week and it was very fun!

This is my new favorite headline of all time, via People: Prince Charles Gives Squirrels Names and Lets Them in the House, Prince William Reveals

At Elle: Harry and Meghan went to a private event about African parks this week. (I keep seeing headlines that are like, “Secret African Parks event” which implies that the parks themselves are the secret. I assume they are not.)

And, in social media:

For those of you who wanted Kate to wear her red Preen again….(we didn’t get pics of this event but click in and see Kate, and Meghan, though we can’t really see Meghan’s outfit):

Are we The Secreting Kate’s wardrobe now?!?

I love the Queen in this v. elegant camel-colored coat:

This pic is cute:

Chaz really looks like Harry when he has a beard!

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Happy 70th birthday to HRH The Prince of Wales.

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Look, it’s Euj’s reception dress. The back is GREAT:


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